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My Mentor
Remembering Jan
My Mother-In-Love
My Friend Matt
Remembering My Dad
The Lost Lullaby

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Our Lapbooks

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Our Lapbooks

Little House in the Big Woods Lapbook
Election Lapbook
Armenia Lapbook
Resurrection Eggs Lapbook
Goodnight Moon
Wordless Lapbook
Bee-Attitudes Lapbook
12 Days of Christmas
Boston Tea Party
5 Senses
Middle Ages
Father’s Day
Earth Day
History of Video Games
Martin Luther King Jr.
Ben Franklin
The 10 Commandments
Civil War
Money & Japan
All About Me
Our 1st Lapbook – Money
The Wonderful Story of Easter
Presidents ReportThis is not a lapbook, but it’s super cool!

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An Explanations…

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Hello Subscribers!

I am in the process of organizing my blog.  In order to do this I am putting a bunch of posts I have in categories into posts instead of on my side bar.  What this means for you is you will probably be getting a weird email with lists and lists of posts in it!  Please Ignore.  Hopefully it will all come in one post, but that is up to Feedburner.  Oh, and they will all be dated Jan.1, 2000.

THANKS for reading!



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Fabulous Field Trips

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We LOVE field trips!  One of the best things about homeschooling is getting out into the real world and learning together as a family.  Here are my posts about field trips we have done in the last few years. (2006 to present.)  This is by no means all the field trips we have done, just the ones I have blogged about.


Presidential Libraries




Forest Lawn Cemetery


American Girl Place

LaBrea Tar Pits


California State Train Museum

Borax Mine

Bower Museum

San Diego

The Beach – San Diego


King Tut Museum

Egypt Exhibit Field Trip

Old Town San Diego – Birthplace of California

Reality TV & Homeschooling

Renissance Festival 2006

Renaissance Fair 2007

San Diego

Jelly Belly Factory

911 Memorial

My Fellow Americans

Sequioa National Park

Mountain Field Trip


Busy Weekend

Fairy Tale Town

Aquarium Visit

Space Camp

Space Camp Day 2

Space Camp Day 3

Passport Around the World

Homeschool Bumper Sticker

Our 2005 Travel Pictures

Me at Donner Pass

Las Vegas with Kids Part I

Las Vegas with Kids Part II

Bar Mitzvah

O Little Town of Bethlehem

1902 House

Schoolhouse Rock LIVE

Pioneer Living

Our Trip to Washington D.C., Virginia and Philly!

(This page was last updated June 16, 2009)

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Outside The Box Ideas

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How To Mummify a Barbie!


Fashionable Phonics

Phonics Fun

Bean & Egg Carton Math

Teaching The Numberline

Having A Ball!


Global Puzzle

Math Cups

Homemade Math Games

Weaving A Tale

Bean Bags

Teaching Combining Coins

Highlighter Handwriting


There, Their & They’re


b & d

6 & 9

Teaching Left & Right

Felt Board Stories

Felt Freak

Making Felt Bodies

ABC Scrapbook

Fruit of the Spirit

Literature Based Math

End of School Year Ideas

Our School Quilts

Kid Teacher

Ziploc Bag Books

Muslin Puppets

Bows & Journals

For the Love of Lapbooking

Diet Coke and Mentos

Pizza Box Solar Oven

Duct Tape

Stuck on the Bible

Solar Oven Brownies

The Ice Cream Ball

13th Birthday Treasure Hunt

Dino Crafts (Making Fossils)

The Feast

Cootie Catcher

Virtual Flat Stanley Project

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Clothespin Learning – Books of the Bible and ABC’s -123’s

Blue Tape

Hurricane Song

Olympic Dinner

Magnetic Poetry


Upper and Lower Case Magnet Set

File Folder Games

Sorting Apron

Making Butter

Pet Rocks

Preschool Activities in a Bag

The Swap

Books of the Bible Sorting Folder

Making Mini Books for Lapbooks

Leaf Day

Ice Storm Nature Walk

Ice Cube Painting

Mystery Touch Box

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


Passover 2009

Travel Notebook

Kiddie Pool Raised Bed Garden

China Learning Kit

(This page was last updated June16, 2009)


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Homeschool Helps

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How To Begin Lapbooking – FREE Phonics Program

Homeschool ID Cards

Out Of The Box Education

Keeping An Active 5 Year Old Happy!

Studying Art With Children

Making The Most of Museum Visits

Literature Based Math


My Notes On Sonlight

How I Teach My Preschoolers

He Did This Himself?

The Wonderful World Of Advertising

Homeschool Organization (Pictures Of Our Schoolroom)

What About Socialization?

What About Friends?


I Am A Closet Unschooler!

School & Little Ones – Part 1

School & Little Ones – Part 2

Traveling With Kids

Our Routine

A School is a Building

A Day in the Life

Living Frugally

Cheap Summer Ideas

Unit Study vs. Tangent!

Great Math Blog!

Report Cards

Power of the Blood

Used Curriculum Sale

Learning/Personality Styles

The Cost of Homeschooling – Train Museum

Teaching Multiple Ages – Abilities – Stages

It was Worth the Stop – Borax Mine

Invented Spelling or Mom is Pritee

Ten Words of Wisdom to New Homeschoolers

Back-To School Homeschool Version

Desks, Relaxing and George Washington

Mary Washington

We Wii

2007 Homeschool Teacher of the Year

Math At Last!

Loving What Your Learning

Homeschool For FREE

Dr. Ruth Beechick

Death By Chicken Bone or Why I Love Sonlight

More on Teaching ABC’s

Another Sonlight Moment

Natural Consequences

Sex Education

New Christian Unschooling Blog


Cheap School Supplies

Hair Stylist and Homeschooling

Keeping Dad Informed

A Rich Learning Environment

More American Girl Books


Homeschool Graduation

Magnetic Poetry

The Presidents Report

Preschool Fun!

American Girl Club

Let Them Play

Counting Books Question

Awana Copywork

Nim’s Island Movie

Homeschool Friends Conversation

Observing 9/11 With Kids

Self Discipline with Flexibility

Davey and Goliath – Safety

Explode the Code Question

Homeschooling My High Schooler

Another Sonlight Question

Magic Tree House Book Question

Favorite Board Games

Our Groovy Schoolroom

A Question From a Reader


American Girl and ABC Class Questions

Free Printable Phonics Books

The Baby IS the Lesson

Teacher Discounts

Magic Tree House Passport


Valentine Lesson

Valentine Party

Teen Week

Questions Homeschool Teens Get Asked

Foundations In Personal Finance

Auto Upkeep – Review

Funny Stuff

Resurrection Party 2009


(This page was last update June 16, 2009)

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Why Homeschool?

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How We Began

Why Homeschooling

What We Want (Our Purpose Statement)

What Qualifies Me?

More Than a Math Tutor

What I Love About Homeschooling?

Reality TV & Homeschooling

The Great Compliment!

Homeschool Bully

Crazy Kids!

The Dog Ate My Homework

One of My Favorite Poems

Guest Staring…

Little Teacher

Jr. Teacher

Learning to Learn…

Making Sprites

The Easy Button

Lapbooking Party

The Grinch Who Stole Summer

A Chuckle

The Tonight Show!

The Curious George Philosophy

What About Friends

Homeschool Natives

Observations On Field Trips…

The Wounded Spirit

The Cost of Back to School

Not Back to School Day

Ding Dong

Yesterday’s Lessons

Family Day

The "F" Word

Homeschool Graduation

Little Business Woman

Standing In Line

Mom, I love Algebra!

My Little Man’s Arm

These Are the Moments

What Homeschoolers do for Recess

Crafty Christmas Girl

Natural Learning Example

5 Year Old Logic

Beginning to End

The Value of Modesty for Boys

Me of Little Faith

(This page was last update June 16, 2009)

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Who Is Jamin?

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Just Call Me Jamin!

My Fertility Journey

How I Do All That Stuff?

What Qualifies Me?

Education Quotes & My Philosophy


Dolphins in the Desert

My Homebirths

My Perfect Children

No Regrets!

Time For Me


Thinking Outside The Box

Did God Love Goliath…

Why Do People Read Your Blog?


Radical Conservative


Making Baby Slings

The Book of God

Spiritual Tag

Maybe You Should Ask Someone Else! LOL


Something From Nothing

Toile It All!

My Brushes with Fame

Tagged 8 Radom Things

Far From Perfect

Homeschool Haiku

Following God

When I Grow Up

Biblical Lessons Learned from Our Pets

So Long Self

Lip Gloss and Handbags

One Sided Relationships

New Glasses

Mental Breakdown Day


Beth Moore Study

My Dad

American Girl Place

You Know You’re A Homeschooler When…

My Mother’s Day Card

GPS – Works for me Wednesday


Wall Art Memories



Great News!


Decorated Body Cast



BIG Church

Jamin’s Blogging Basics

Christmas Meme


20 Years Ago Today…

None Homeschooling Blogs I Enjoy


End of the Beginning


(This page was last updated June 16, 2009)

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Crafty Things

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Fun With Bleach?

More Fun With Bleach!

Garland & Octopi

No More Cake Please!

No Sew Fleece Pillow

Making Aprons

Christmas Baking

Cloth Gift Bags

Tiny Flowerpot Nativities

Candy Turkeys

Gifts For Dad

Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

Mom & Dad Quilts

Paper Bag Scrapbook Albums

Mock Sushi

Fuse A Bead

Easy Bake Oven

Five Year Old Knitter

See Through Computer Screen

Pizza Fun

Wind Chimes

Best Dad T-Shirt

Book For Dad

Father’s Day Cards

Father’s Day Cake

Wooden Spoon Puppets

Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Loom Knitting

Look What I Started!

Our School Quilts

Make Felt Yoda, You Must!

Fun With Paint

Wrapping From Scraps and TP Tubes

Paper Gift Bags

Birthday Albums

Little Books for Little Ones

Silhouette Art Bags

Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer

How to Fold a Paper House

Flower Pen

Resurrection Eggs

Pregnant Body Cast

Our Little Robot

Xyron Sticker Maker

These Boots Are made For Decorating!

Rain Painting


Lapbook Construction

Lapbook Crate Organization

How do you make mini books for your lapbooks?

Friendship Bracelets

Fall Photo Placemats

Awana Grand Prix

Gingerbread Doll Aprons

An Email Request

My Birthday Present

Pool Party Cake

Bean Bag for Julie

Beginning Basket Weaving

Another Basket

Autograph Pillow

This page was last updated June 16, 2009)

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All My Mad Science Posts

January 1, 2000 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

Here are all my posts on Mad Science:

Mad Science Kid’s Day

Mad Science – Light and Color

Mad Science at My House – Watt’s Up?

Mad Science – Dry Ice

Mad Science – SLIME!

Mad Science – Rockets

Mad Science – Taste Buds!

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