Toile It All!

January 22, 2007 at 9:55 am (Uncategorized)

It all started in Texas a year ago last October… We went to visit my husbands brother and his family.  My sister in law asked me if I would sew some curtains for the babies room. 

But of course I couldn’t stop at just curtains!  The crib needed a dust ruffle…

And a quilt!

And the nursery of course needed a pillow.

And a little lovey blanky…

And while I was there I might as well reupholster a chair too…
(Yeah, I am either the best guest or the most obnoxious guest…You be the judge!  LOL Believe it or not we were only there 4 days!  Yes, I was Jamin!!!)

So I get home and I realize I LOVE TOILE!  LOL

So I decided to do my bathroom…

I was thrilled with how the Toile transformed the bathroom.  I never liked the black and white tile because it just looked too modern for my taste.  But the black and white Toile  made it seem intentional!

Then the blind on our staircase broke and it turned out to be an odd size and was going to be $300.00 to replace…

Toile to the rescue!  LOL

And now…The dining room!
Here is a picture of my newly renovated dining room!  These are the benches my husband and the kids made along with some chairs I painted red. They were given to us by our neighbors but had been outside for awhile so the wood was a mess.  I have always wanted red chairs!  LOL I just love how they turned out!  The Toile valance and table runner I made this weekend.  I also have enough fabric to make pillows for the family room sofa, curtains for the kitchen and of course an apron

This is the other window in the dining/family room.

See what my sil started..It is TOILE her fault!!!!  LOL

PLEASE someone stop me before I Toile again! 



  1. Jimmie said,

    You are jammin! Way to go, girl! I think the bathroom is especially beautiful! 🙂 And the dining room is awesome! But where are all the lapbooking supplies, all the craft materials, all the books? 🙂 It looks so neat and tidy! Are you holding the wave of stuff back behind your back as you shoot a flawless photo? 🙂

  2. COMamabear said,

    WOW!! Can you come to MY house? I can't sew worth ANYTHING – but I'll cook!! :o)

  3. Happyhome said,

    Wow! You are one Jamin' Momma! Your stuff looks beautiful. Not that I am in any way enticing you to by more toile, but the blog I was just at had some beautiful toile aprons on it! What a funny coincidence. Check it out.

    You can come be a guest in my home any day!



  4. Anonymous said,

    I found you from Sharon's blog – love your sewing craftiness!

    Your work is beautiful!


  5. Diane said,

    Wow! I'm not sure how I missed this blog entry. You do such amazing work.

  6. jenn4him said,

    Toile is my favorite. I have none in my house, but I will some day!

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