Babysitter Book

February 7, 2007 at 9:24 am (Uncategorized)

We had a babysitter yesterday, which is a rare event around here!  She was awesome and she brought along this cool book I was really impressed with.  It is called " The Official Christian Babysitting Guide".  I don’t know what all it has in it but she had these GREAT information sheets that she had gotten from the book.  The worksheets had place for kids names, pets names, address, phone numbers, cross streets, emergency numbers, neighbors numbers, allergy alerts, rules and disciple guidelines.  I mean WOW!  What a great feeling to go out and know that the person I left in charge and I are literally "on the same page".  Not to mention how impressed I was that she would take the initiative to read this book and bring it along!  I will be buying this book for my kids when they are ready to babysit!  I am also thinking this will be a great gift to give in the future and required reading for any babysitters we have!

Is there any doubt that this great babysitter is the product of homeschooling?


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