Cleaning Closets

February 12, 2007 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

I spent the whole day cleaning MY closet!  This is an AFTER picture, I hope you can tell!  LOL

Why does my closet get so messy?  One reason is because I cannot make myself get rid of fabric.  Not yards of new fabric…I mean those little bits and pieces left over from projects!  I got rid of 2 entire garbage bags today!  And clothes….Where do they come from?  I rarely ever buy anything, but somehow my clothes seem to grow!  See all these empty hangers down at the far end?  I got rid of ALL those clothes today!  Hooray for me!  The best thing about cleaning the closet was I found a really cute pair of PJ’s I had bought 3 years ago right before my last child was born.  I apparently forgot about them since they still had the tags on them!  LOL  Well tonight I put them on and was so happy to have something new & snuggly.  Until the 3 year old saw me…  The PJ’s are polar fleece and have boxes of popcorn all over them. My 3 year old followed me all over the house saying "I like popcorn!,  Let’s have popcorn Mom!"  Sigh….It really made bedtime challenging!  LOL

At least my closet is clean!  (And now I have posted pictures of my closet and my kitchen sink.  What could be next?  Our toilet?  LOL)

Anybody need some hangers?



  1. Happyhome said,

    Great job! You need to join 'Tackle It Tuesday' over at 5 Mintes for Moms. This is quite a tackle!


  2. CarpeBanana said,

    The popcorn pajamas sound so cute.

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