No More Cake PLEASE!!!

February 25, 2007 at 11:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Don’t get me wrong, I love cake….But, PLEASE no more cake!  LOL

I already posted pictures of the sleepover cake we made for our Valentines sleepover.  That was Feb. 14th. (BTW, if you think Twinkies are tasty…You should try them iced!  LOL)

Then on the 19th we had my daughters birthday party a few days early.  We had her party at Build A Bear Workshop so we had to make a bear cake.

Then my birthday was the 21st, we had a carrot cake with candles that spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Notice my 3 year old over on the side of the picture blowing out MY candles!  LOL (This kid is a candle hog!  Did I mention that at the Messianic Hanukkah Party we went to the night after his birthday as soon as the candle was lit in the menorah he ran up and blew it out!  I was soooo embarased!)

Today was my daughters "real" birthday and she wanted a princess castle cake.

This was a really fun cake to make.  We baked 3 square cakes and 1 cupcake. (It took 2 cake mixes.)  Then we stacked up the 3 cakes and put the cupcake on top.  We iced the whole thing white.  Then we added the sugar cones for the turrets & a graham cracker drawbridge.  We decorated the whole thing with pink sugar and canned spray on icing. The flags are cut from marblized construction paper and taped to tooth picks.  I did end up hot gluing on the flags.  I let the kids spray all the pink icing on the back of the castle for fun, then I remembered I needed icing to put the flags on.  Oooops!    Voila! 

So, that is 4 cakes in 11 days!  We still have leftovers of the Teddy Bear, Carrot Cake and Castle Cake…Would anyone tell if I throw it all away?

(BTW,  I got the basis ideas for each of these cakes from the Family Fun website.)

Thank goodness the next birthday in our family is in August! 


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