My Girl

February 26, 2007 at 12:12 am (Uncategorized)

Today was my daughters 6th Birthday!

How can she be 6? 

I wish I could slow time down and keep her little forever!  Long hair to comb and braid, cute clothes to buy, sweet cuddles and snuggles, words she still occasionally mispronounces (Mercicle for Commercial and Mama-aise for Mayonnaise are my 2 favs! LOL) , she still looks at me with awe and thinks that her dad and I are the most amazing people on earth. Sigh….

Here are some pictures from the birthday festivities!

Ready to party at Build A Bear!

Building a bear! (Well, actually a cat!)

Our Family after the party.

My favorite staircase!

Lots of presents!
Doesn’t she look natural in that tiara?

The race is on….who can blow out the candle 1st???

Hanging out with her new friend!

Happy, Happy Birthday my little GEM!  Now, slow down that growing up!




  1. skdenfeld said,

    My oldest is six ( getting much too close to seven)and sometimes when I look at her I barely recognize her, she just keeps changing so fast! She is very articulate now, and sometimes I just miss hearing her walking around singing 'dis is da day, dis is da day dat da Lord has made," over and over again. Enjoy your young Gem, they will be polished before we know it.

  2. msack said,

    Glad to see you all had a great day. I'm always surpised that your son is so into these family events. My son is 12 and wants no part o fthe"fun" things we do 😦

  3. PumpkinsMomma said,

    Hi. I'm Marie. I have 2 children. My daughter turned 6 on Feb 18th and we had a princess party 🙂 I am impressed that you took the time to make so many cakes for all those other occassions too, that is a lot of cake. Did you freeze any of it or are you still eating it?

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