Photo Shoot

February 27, 2007 at 12:23 am (Uncategorized)

I am taking my kids to get pictures taken tomorrow!

I might as well confess, I am obsessed with getting Studio pictures taken of my kids!  The 1st year of each of their lives I took them once a month for Studio pictures.  Then for years I took them each year on their birthdays and got pictures.  Let’s see that’s 12 X 3 + approx. 15 = at least 51 times in 12 years!  I think that qualifies me to give some tips on taking your kids to the Studio for pictures!  LOL

1.  Sign up for everyones online coupons.  Target, Sears, Penney’s, Picture People, etc.  The more coupons the better.  Some times you can get them for next to nothing.  (The coupon I have right now for Target is no sitting fee and $3.99 a sheet or $7.99 for a portrait package!)

2.  Call and schedule the 1st appointment of the day.  This way they can’t get behind and you won’t have to wait.  There is nothing more miserable than getting the kids all dressed up and ready for pictures and then watching them fall apart before you even meet the photographer.   I no longer get pictures on everyones birthdays.  Now I do all three kids near my daughters birthday.  The reason?  Late February is not a big picture taking time.  This makes for better coupons and less crowds.  My youngest son was born Dec. 15th, I did pictures for his birthday for the 1st 2 years and then decided he would be just as cute in February!  LOL

3.  Keep the clothing simple.  Pick a color and dress the kids all in the same color.  (The kids are all wearing white tomorrow.)  I frequently have my kids go barefoot since it is highly unlikely they all have nice looking new shoes at the same time.  (They will be barefoot tomorrow.)

4.  Get haircuts  done a few days in advance.  A haircut rarely looks great on day two!  LOL (I blew this one this time…2 of mine got haircuts today!  LOL  Not to mention my youngest has the last remainders of his black eye and fell today and got a fat lip!  Oh well, with that kid we would not recognize him without some kind of bump or bruise!)

5.  Feel free to bribe them!  LOL  I usually have some kind of treat in store for them like ice cream after the photo shoot. 

6.  Don’t be afraid to tell the photographer what you want.  If I don’t like a pose or prop I tell them.  If you don’t like the way it looks in the studio you are not going to like the picture any better.

7.  Blow.  If you have a kid who has trouble conjuring up a natural smile have them blow the fake smile away.  For some reason when they blow it helps relax the face and helps them regroup to try to smile again.  (Then tel a joke or something to get a good laugh out of them.

8.  Be patient.  This is the hardest part for me.  Getting 3 kids to smile and sit still at the same time I have no real tips for!  Hopefully you will get a good photographer.

9. If only have one shot at it go to the Picture People!  One thing I have learned is that even thought they show you a picture on the screen for various reasons you may not get that pic when they print them.  There can be a spot on the lense, bad focus, etc.  I have had this happen 3 times at Wal-Mart! I don’t go to Wal-Mart anymore.  The Picture People you get your actually pictures 1 hour after they take them.  If they are bad you can get them shot again.  (I have never had bad pictures at Picture People. )  Whenever I have had picture of my kids taken with their cousins who live across Country we have gone to the Picture People.  I also did most of my kids 1st year monthly pics there.  The down side is they are expensive. 

10.  Have Fun!  I have a lot of funny memories from all the times we have had pictures taken.  I can easily get stressed out taking them, but when I think back all these photo shoots have been a lot of fun!

I will let you know when we get the pictures back how it went! 



  1. skdenfeld said,

    Didi you say your kids are wearing all white to the photo shoot?!? Even if we just had to go across the street, I know nothing on my kids would be white by the time we got there : ) Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  2. eyecorn said,

    I'll have to give Picture People a try. I'm bad about getting photos done…my hat off to you!

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