Time Away

March 15, 2007 at 1:04 am (Uncategorized)

Due to the HUGE amount of work I have to do to get our house ready to put on the market I have decided to take some time away from my blog.  I have made an appointment with a realtor for a week from today…So ready or not here it comes!!!  I LOVE spending time on my blog, but right now time is a luxury I do not have.  So, while I am not blogging I will be:

  1. Spreading 5 tons of rock in my front yard.
  2. Taking down pictures and packing them.
  3. Patching holes from pictures and repainting walls.
  4. Doing some yard work in the back yard (Weeding mostly)
  5. Cleaning out the front hall closet
  6. Cleaning and de-cluttering my 2 youngest kids room (My oldest sons room is done!  Hooray!)
  7. Shampooing the staircase
  8. Cleaning off the computer desk in the Master bedroom
  9. Making curtains for the living room windows (Since I broke the blinds while cleaning them!!!!!) 
  10. Cleaning, packing & de-cluttering the schoolroom.  (HUGE job! This is the biggest job next to spreading the rock!)
  11. Staining and Polyurethaning the cabinets in the Master Bathroom
  12. General cleaning of the whole house
  13. Catching up the laundry (My dryer just got fixed after being out of commission for a month! )

Piece of cake, huh?  LOL  Well, I have 6 days until the Realtor comes…So if I can get 2 of the items done from my list each day I should be able to be ready! 

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!  Hopefully I will be back in about a week. 



  1. castlekids said,

    I can relate to your moving posts! I have lived in 7 states and numerous houses in my life. We just sold our current house to move more rural. I too often felt jealous of kids who had grown up together in the same church, etc.. and I wanted that for my kids. My 8, 6, and 4yr old have all lived in 3 different houses and have had to adjust. Hopefully your house will sell quickly!

    ~JennyEdited by castlekids on Mar. 15, 2007 at 12:29 PM

  2. callmekate said,

    After reading your list, I'm sure you could add a few more chores, like painting the exterior of the house or adding on an extra bedroom! I'll keep you in prayer, mostly for the energy and time to complete your list. I hope everything goes well for you with this move. Enlist the kids where you can – they can dust and sort. Godspeed!


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