March 24, 2007 at 12:49 am (Uncategorized)

Well, the rock is in!  The list is not quite finished…But when I found out we needed Eleven & 1/2 tons of rock instead of 5 tons it kinda slowed us down a bit!  LOL  I postponed the appointment with the Realtor until Monday.  But here is what we did with Eleven & 1/2 tons of rock!

The rock arrives! 
This may well be the happiest day of my 3 year olds life!  LOL  Imagine waking up one morning and finding a mountain in your front yard? 

Everyone helps out!

We bring in my rent-a-kid for reinforcement! (Notice: Our pile is getting smaller and our wheelbarrow is getting BIGGER!  LOL)

I give the crew time off for good behavior!

Of course we had a little fun!  (You not believe how many silly songs you can make up around the theme of shoveling rocks!  LOL)

Finally…It is done!

May I NEVER lift another shovel full of rock in my life!  LOL

Okay, speaking of rocks…I am going to go crawl back under mine!  I will not be posting again until I get the house listed FOR SALE!   So many projects, so little time!

Your continued prayers are appreciated!



  1. skdenfeld said,

    It looks wonderful! Do you wish you could live in it for a little while longer after the improvements are made, or are you ready to get out already?

  2. Fiffi said,

    I am sure you are extremely pleased with the outcome! It looks great!
    Love Fiffi/fee

  3. soccerchiksta21 said,

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    You can sign up on my blog.

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