My Mathematical Life

March 29, 2007 at 6:41 pm (Uncategorized)

My 12 year old son has been playing this game for Math this week.  Here is what he thinks of it:

My Mathematical Life

My Mathematical Life is a game on CD-ROM that shows how you use math in real life. You have to pick a job, and keep your character healthy, wealthy, and happy for 41 game years. You must learn to pay all your debts, taxes, etc. with checks or credit. You can put money in savings accounts; buy stocks, health insurance and car insurance if you buy a car.  You can choose to buy a house or rent one.  You can buy a dog/cat/etc. to make you happier! (Once I had five dogs and 2 cats!) You can also buy vacations to make you happier. (I recommend Outer Space for only $30,000.00!) Your character might get married, (It suddenly tells you that you are married!) and then you need the family health insurance, you can do all sorts of stuff.  My character had 4 kids the last time I played and I named them “Who, What Where & Why!”   I haven’t even done everything, plus random things happen like your house burning down, you finding money, you inheriting money, a burglar robbing you of jewelry, and I think if you don’t stay healthy you can even DIE!

You can look at a book called “My Life” to see what you have done in game so far, Its quite fun actually, a lot more than any other math program I have seen.

It has a pretty wide variety of jobs, from professional athlete, to teacher, to computer programmer; it has a lot of interesting parts to the game.  Sometimes you get pop-ups like “Your friends want to schedule movie night it will cost you $12.00 per week.”  Then you must choose to accept, decline or think about it taking into consideration the amount of time involved and the cost of this item in your budget.

I have played this game 3 times now. I find that it is educational and has made me think about things I had not thought about before.  It has made me aware that there are a lot of jobs out there that I have not considered.  I had also not thought about insurance, taxes & a lot of other things grown-ups have to think about.

I like the program. I recommend it.

Recommended for Ages 12 -15.  We bought ours last year through Scholastics & it was WAY cheaper than I can find it anywhere online.


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  1. msack said,

    My son would love that! I didn't see it anywhere on the scholastic site though.

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