Wedding Plans

March 31, 2007 at 1:13 am (Uncategorized)

My 6 year old daughter has decided she is going to marry her brothers best friend.  He’s 13, but one day while telling them all a story about my parents I mentioned that my Dad was 9 years older than my Mom.  My rent-a-kid (aka: sons best friend) said something about he and my daughter being "only" 7 years apart.  My daughter immediately decided they would be wed!  (She has very good taste in men!) So where does a 6 year old dream about having her wedding??????



Her Father and I are very proud of her frugal decision! 

At least she is no longer planning on marrying her older brother!  LOL

P.S. Yesterday my 3 year old asked me to marry him!  I just LOVE being a Mom! 

My daughter with the man she plans to marry reading her a bedtime story.
Any wonder why she is in love?


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  1. skdenfeld said,

    You will have to remind her of the location when the time comes. 'No, honey,' you'll say,"you told us Chuckee cheese, and that is what we budgeted for!"

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