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My 12 year old writes a Sprite Comic called Search for the Magic Bunny Ears that he posts on the Nintendo Nsider Forums.  He has written it for a year now and has 80 comic strips.  This weekend he was telling me that he had written a "About" section for his cartoons that explains a little more about why he writes the cartoons.  Here is what he wrote:

Search for the Magic Bunny Ears was a comic I started one day after my old comic Kingdom Zelda was canceled. Though it is a comic meant to be funny, and I hope succeeds in that area, there are a few things I do different around here.

Quality, NOT… Jokes in bad taste:
When I write a comic there is a good chance it won’t be funny. It won’t try to be funny and it won’t be.  But there lies the key to my comic. It won’t TRY to be funny. Think about that for a moment. If I think of a joke, I’ll put it in. But I would never put in a joke that just doesn’t click. I won’t have the characters go through a fight and then have them say "I pooted" and have green fumes coming behind them. Even if it is funny, it destroys the QUALITY, of my comic, it destroys the character, it destroys the comic, and most of all, It destroys me. I hope people read my comic because of this. As Bill Watterson, the writer of one of the greatest cartoons ever, Calvin and Hobbes, once said, "Jokes come and go. Characters are forever."

This is one of the principles my comics are built on. If a single person remembers my comics in 5, 10, maybe even 15 years, (which I doubt) I want them to remember that the CHARACTERS were good. I couldn’t care less if they remembered the "Curse you cheesecake!" line.

If I can make one person laugh:
If one person finds my comics funny, if even one person finds it good, my day has been made. Nothing pleases me more than having made one person happy, even for a brief moment. That makes me happy.  Honestly, even if just one single person read my comic and found them funny, while ten others trashed them, I would be happy enough to make them.  The feeling of knowing that I helped make them happy, it’s just to great for me to put into words.

I write these comics for me:
I may write these comics for other people. I think thats what most writers of comics do. But to understand my comics you need to know, I write them for one person in particular. Me.  If I finish a comic, and it looks okay, but the writing is bad, I’ll scrap the hour of work, and try again. Yes, I look at every single comic, and I say to myself, "Self, do you like this comic?"  I know if I don’t like it, Then nobody else will like it.

Understand these three things, and you will understand not only my comics, but hopefully me, better.

And if you are still reading this, you probably have to much time on your hands. Seriously, go take a walk, hop in a pool, PLAY WITH KITTENS, JUST GO DO SOMETHING!

Or not. I really don’t care.

Reading this really made me think about why I blog.  Amazingly my reasons are pretty similar to his. 

#1. Quality –  I don’t really do humor, so I am not too worried about jokes in bad taste.  But, I do keep an eye on myself not to let my blog become a whine festival.  Like everyone there are things in my life I could complain about and probably get a whole lot of sympathy!  But, I want my blog to be an upbeat, fun place to visit.  I also make a concious effort not to put too much personal info in my blog.  Beyond not saying where I live you won’t find me complaining about my husband, kids or the lady at the supermarket!  LOL  So reading my blog you are not going to find out when I have PMS or  even know all about the "real" me.  Like I say in my intro this blog…"This is my place to share my thoughts on homeschooling, my kids and living for the Lord. All the while being a little outside the box!!"

#2.  Doing It For Others – I agree with my son that if one person reads one of my posts and finds it helpful my day is made!  I am happy when the 10 years of homeschool experience I have can help another homeschooling Mom.  If something I write can benefit one other homeschool Mom I am thrilled!   On the flip side I am learning SO MUCH from the homeschool blogs I read.  The blogging community is a wonderful thing and a huge blessing to our homeschool!

#3.  I Blog for Me!  –  Just like my son writes his comics to please himself, I write my blog for me too.  Everything I put on my blog is there because I want to remember or refer to it later. I am glad people read my blog.  But, if no one did I would still be blogging.  It is an awesome place to record my thoughts on this adventure called homeschooling.  It is a fantastic tool to keep pictures of the kids organized and easy to access. It is a great way to record what we are doing in school and how the kids are growing and changing.  It is a great way to share a little of our lives with Grandma who lives far away!  It is kinda like a digital scrapbook of our lives! 

Once again the teacher becomes the student. I am very proud of my son for not only writing some excellent comics, but for being so thoughtful of the whole process! 

Click HERE to read his 42nd comic which he wrote in honor of my 42nd birthday!!!


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Wacky Water Weekend!

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The heat is setting in where we live…This weekend was ALL about water! 

Saturday we went to a birthday party at a park that has a water play area.

Sunday we went to a birthday pool party.

It was a very good weekend!

Look out Summer…Here we come!!!!

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Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Day!

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Mark your calendar!  Next Wednesday, May 2nd is 31 cent scoop day at Baskin Robbins!!!  It will be held in honor of the National Fallen Fire Fighter Foundation.  So…Go eat some ice cream and help out the family of a fallen fire fighter at the same time! 

Here is the website for more info.

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King Tut

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Our study of Egypt has been leading up to a trip to see a King Tut exhibit.  This is not THE King Tut Exhibit, but a reproduction of what the tomb looked like when it was discovered.  All the artifacts in this exhibit are reproductions.  The rooms have been staged to look exactly like they did when the tomb was opened in 1922.

The Treasury. 
My 3 year old was quite concerned that the doggie had a bad ouchie and need a BIG band-aid!  LOL  He gave everyone in the exhibit quite a laugh!

The Burial Chamber.
My daughter looking at King Tuts sarcophagus.  It is really impressive!

The Annexe
I was amazed how much my 3 and 6 year olds liked this exhibit.  I thought we would rush through, but we actually spent an hour looking around. (It is pretty small and I think most people made it through in 1/2 that time.  We actually restarted our headsets and listened to the tour twice.)  I think all the prep work we did all week really paid off!

The Antechamber
My daughter is proudly showing off her shirt which today says "Cool Mummy!"  LOL


King Tut’s throne chair

In this case they found the mummified toungue and eyes of the King. My daughter thought that was SO gross!

The kids got Pharaoh Headdresses at the Museum Gift Shop.
They look pretty cute in them!

Not to be outdone the dog poses for a few royal shots!  LOL

Our dog will put up with about anything!  LOL
Isn’t he CUTE!  The kids want to submit this picture to stuffonmymutt.com a website we are hooked on!  (Warning…Do not click over to stuffonmymutt.com unless you have hours to waste looking at funny dog pictures!  LOL)

If you want to explore King Tut Tomb and see actaul pictures from 1922 when it was discovered click HERE.

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As you may have guessed from my last post, we are doing a Egypt study right now.  Todays project was making Papyrus!  Well, not really…But we did make recycled paper!  I found the directions for this project at the Magic Tree House Website.  Here is a link to the PDF file. 

Here are the basic steps we did:

After soaking torn pieces of used notebook paper overnight in water we pureed it in the blender along with some dryer lint. (My kids thought it was hilarious that we actually found a craft to do that called for dryer lint!) 

Next we added 2 cups of water mixed with 1 tablespoon cornstarch

Just for fun we added some colorful paper confetti

Then we placed the mixture in a wood frame covered with screen.

Once the mixture is pressed onto the frame we flip it and blotted the excess water out with a sponge.

Here is a completed sheet of our paper. (Still very wet.)The dryer lint gave it the nice blue color.  Now we want to start saving different colors of lint and see what colors of paper we can make!

The kids had fun making the paper.  While we had the cornstarch out they wanted to play with cornstarch and water.  If you have never done this before it is the weirdest thing!  When you mix the 2 together you get a mixture that is sometimes solid & sometimes liquid.  You can pickup a big glob and it is solid, but then if you stop agitating it the mixture becomes liquid and will run through your fingers…Oh, what fun!!!

Here you can see my son is rolling a big glob in the palms of his hands.  It will become very firm and feel like you are rolling a ball in your hands..

In this shot my daughter is letting the mixture turn to liquid!

My 3 year old really doesn’t know what to think of this!  LOL

And just to give you all full disclosure it is also VERY MESSY!!!! 

I took these pictures because the kids are frequently complaining that now that the house is for sale all I do is make them clean!  LOL  Here is my proof that I let them make messes too!  LOL

All the MESS was worth it though to see these SMILES!!

If you want to read about the Science of mixing cornstarch and water CLICK HERE

If you want to see a really cool video of cornstarch and water being manipulated in lab CLICK HERE.

Last but not least…Here is what happens if you have a whole pool filled with cornstarch and water! (Otherwise known as non-newtonian fluid)  You DO NOT want to miss this video!  (BTW, DO NOT go and read the comments under the video.  Most of them are not nice.  If you don’t listen to me and read them please do not get mad at me!  I didn’t write them!) This video reminded me that I use to get a little wading pool every Summer (Back when I only had one kiddo!) and we would fill it with cornstarch & water.  My son would play in it all Summer.  We would just keep adding water.  When he was done we would hose him off.  Talk about cool and refreshing!  He just loved it!  My kids are going to want a pool of cornstarch once I show them this video!  LOL 


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How To Mummify a Barbie!

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No, I am not kidding….We actually mummified Barbie’s!  Well, actually 2 GI Joe’s and 1 Barbie!  Here’s what we did:

We bought the cheapest Barbie’s I could find at the Thrift Store.  I got GI Joe’s for the boys and Barbie for my daughter.  I spent $4.00 total on them.

Then I used the Magic Tree House Research Guide – Mummies and Pyramids as guide for our mummification process.

Here are the steps we took:

1.  Remove all the organs except the heart.  We did this by talking about the organs that would be removed and then drawing a red heart on the chest of each doll with a Sharpie Marker to represent leaving the heart in.

2.  Next we washed the body with  "wine"  (we used  white wine vinegar diluted in water.)  and rubbed the  it with  oils and spices.  (We used olive oil with a little nutmeg and cinnamon.)

3.  Now, we rubbed the body with kosher sea salt.

4.  Next we left our bodies to dry for 40 days!  (We used 1 minute to represent 1 day, so we really left them rest for 40 minutes.)

5. While we were waiting for 40 minutes to pass we tore strips of muslin appprox. 1 inch wide.  Then we made a paste of 1 part flour and 3 parts water.  
(The boys were pretending to be the Incredible Hulk while ripping the fabric.  Hence the weird face!  LOL)

6.  We also made the amulets that were wound into the cloth with the mummies.  We made ours out of fun foam.

7.  At last we  wet each strip in the flour/water mixture and wrapped the mummies! (BTW, we washed all the oil and etc. off the dolls before we started wrapping. This would not have been part of the mummification process, but our corpses were plastic!  LOL)

8.  Once they were completely covered with several layers of muslin we left them to dry. 

There you have it!  Mummified Barbie’s!  LOL  I don’t think my kids will forget this school day anytime soon!!

(If you are WAY more brave than me here are the directions to mummify a chicken! )

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Free 411

April 25, 2007 at 10:12 am (Uncategorized)

This is my  latest favorite freebie…1-800-FREE-411

It makes me crazy if I am out and about and need a phone number!  I mean what is my cellphone provider thinking charging me $1.50 for a phone number???  Well, I found this cool service online the other day.  If you are at home you an go to their  website and find the number you need.  But, if you are out and about you can all 1-800-FREE-411 and get the number.  Why is it free?  Advertisement!  LOL   I think you only have to listen to an ad if  you have them connect you for free.  I have called twice and gotten a number and neither time did I have to listen to an ad.  I programed this into my cellphone, no more $1.50 calls for me!!!! 

You all know how I love free stuff!!!  Just thought I’d spread the word!

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Me and My Bean Bag

April 24, 2007 at 9:49 am (Uncategorized)

Here is a little something for all of you that I convinced to get bean bags a while back!  LOL  I checked out this awesome music CD at the Library called "Me and My Bean Bag". My little ones just LOVE it!  There are several things about this CD that appeal to me. 

1.  It’s Easy!   – Pop in the CD, grab a bean bag and listen.  The CD tells you step by step what to do.  The kids could easily do it by themselves, but it is so much fun Mom will want to play along!

2.  It Teaches a Variety of Things!  – Right hand, left hand, body parts, colors, counting skills,  coordination, cooperative play, thinking skills.  This CD has it all! 

3.  Good Quality Music – There is nothing worse than popping in a CD that is a really great concept and then hearing what sounds like someone banging on a garbage can lid!  LOL  Well, this CD has easy to listen to, high quality music that will not make Mom want to RUN from the room!

4.  Good for Multiple Ages –  My 3 year old likes finding his body parts to balance the bean bag on. (I think he may have learned a new body part even – wrist!)  My 6 year old really liked finding different colors and shapes and textures during "Take That Bean Bag".  I think my daughter will like this for several more years and even my 12 year old would be happy to do it with his younger siblings.

So, if you got those bean bags and they have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust, you might want to give this CD a try! 

BTW, if you like this one and you happen to have a parachute, you will also love…Parachute Fun for Early Childhood.  We have had this one for a few months now and it is also GREAT!!!

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Earth Day Lapbook

April 23, 2007 at 1:41 am (Uncategorized)

The kids and I made a Earth Day Lapbook yesterday as part of our Earth Day celebration. (Just a little party to celebrate this wonderful home God has given us!!!!!)

This was colored by my 6 year old daughter.

Inside folder #1:
The globe at the top was colored by my 3 year old son.  When you lift it up it has the Bible verse:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth." Genesis1:1

This is the 1st Bible verse he is working on memorizing and he is VERY PLEASED with his little booklet!  Below the globe in a worksheet done by my 12 year old which has the definitions of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle & the a worksheet to sort items into those categories.  The circles on the side my 6 yo filled in with things she learned about Earth Day.

Inside left folder:
This side has a mini book with songs about helping the Earth.  A lift book with the Creation story and a Earth Day worksheet done by my 12 year old in the Library pocket.  The booklet at the bottom is a list of things we use from the Earth. This is what the kids came up with:

1.  Food (animals & plants)
2.  Water
3.  Electricity
4.  Cotton – for clothing
5.  Metal – to make cars
6.  Wood – to build houses
7.  Rocks – granite, cement, tile
8. People – God made Adam from the Earth!

God gives us all we need to live  from the Earth!

Left folder under flap:
The bottom booklet is a word search done  by my 12 yo.  The top booklet is 2 lists. 

#1.  What we do…

  • We take are of our yard.
  • We recycle – cans, bottles, newspaper, glass
  • We use low energy light bulbs
  • we used cloth diapers (2 out of 3 kids)
  • Mom nursed all 3 kids (no formula production needed.)
  • We buy our clothes at the Thrift Store.
  • We don’t drive a Hummer!  (LOL)
  • We buy Organic when we can.
  • We avoid pre-packaged food.
  • We don’t drive to school!
  • Mom works from home.
  • We buy as much used as possible.
  • We buy used video games.  (LOL)
  • Dad carpools
  • We take care of our animals
  • We cut soda rings before throwing them away. 

#2.  What we want to do!

  • Grow our own organic veggies.
  • Walk more, drive less.
  • Buy a Hybrid car.
  • Build a Straw Bale house.  (This is really our dream!!!)
  • Put up solar panels
  • Tell others to be kind to the Earth!

Left folder inside flap:
On top is a picture colored by my 6 year old.  The bottom booklet is a Earth Day worksheet done by my 6 year old.

We also made a Earth Day Cake:

It was yummy!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

All the printables for this lapbook were found HERE and HERE.

Want some ideas for recycled crafts? Click HERE

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New Blog Search Engine

April 22, 2007 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Every so often I get a email from someone asking "Didn’t you have a post about XYZ?"  Well, it’s NOT that I don’t enjoy getting emails, but now I have added a search engine to my blog!  Type in a word and it will take you to all the places I have mentioned that word! 

Search my blog!

Google Custom Search

 (This now will be displayed on my sidebar under my subscribe option.)

Here is the link to make your own search engine for your blog!


Have fun!  I hope to be searching your blog soon! 


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