Passover Lapbook

April 5, 2007 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized)

This week the kids made a Passover Lapbook.  They worked on this together, it has contributions from all 3 kids! 

Working on our lapbook!

Here is the cover

I printed several of the Seder coloring sheets from the TorahTots website and my 12 year old wrote a little on each one to further illustrate what he learned about Passover:

Click HERE to see image of removing leaven:

The man is going through the house removing all leaven from the home. In the Bible, leaven represents sin. So the father of the house must find all leaven and burn it, and anything that touches it.

As Christians, we want to get sin out of our lives.

Click HERE to see image of the teaching plate:

This is the teaching plate. It has on it several things.




A Lamb Bone


And a Roasted Egg.

These things represent different things.

The roasted egg represents infinity. No beginning, and no end.

The lamb bone represents sacrifice, but since the temple was destroyed, no one can sacrifice any longer.

The greens are dipped in saltwater, to remind us of the tears of the Hebrews.

The bitter Herb, Horseradish, reminds us of the bitter life of the Hebrews in Egypt.

Click HERE  to see image of hand washing:

The washing of hands represents humbleness. To us it makes us remember Jesus, the king of kings, Lord of Lords, still humbled himself by washing his disciples feet.

Click HERE to view image os the dipping:

This is the dipping of the greens, which remind us of the bitter tears of the Hebrews

Click HERE to view image of Father:

This is the Papa, or Rabbi who leads the Passover. A respected male member of the family always leads the Passover.


Click HERE to view image Matzah:

Matzah is bread with no leaven in it. It is kind of like a cracker. The reason we eat Matzah is that when the Jews were freed from Egypt, they didn’t have time to make normal bread.

Matzah reminds us of Jesus. It is thin, no leaven, no sin. It has holes in it, Jesus was pierced with a spear.

One mystery of Passover is taking 3 pieces of Matzah (the Father, the Son, the holy Spirit.) Removing the middle piece and breaking it, hiding it, and after a while, all the children look for it. This reminds us of Jesus dieing, and rising again.


Click HERE to view image the cup:

During Passover we drink 4 cups of the fruit of the vine. (Wine, or Grape Juice.)

The cup of Blessing,

The cup of Plagues,

The cup of Redemption,

And the cup of Praise.


These remind us of different parts of the Exodus story of Moses.

Passover is a celebration, the seder has singing, dancing, eating, and much more.

But most of all, it is a time to remember we are free.

On the left is a worksheet about what foods have leaven that I did with my 6 year old. On the right are some worksheets my older son did.

On the left are coloring sheets done by my 2 little ones.  On the right is a copy of the Haggadah.

On the back cover we wrote Next Year In Jerusalem!  This is what is said at the closing of Passover.

 Here are the printables we used in our lapbook.

Passover Quiz



  1. Anonymous said,

    Just stopped by to say hi and saw your kids' project…what a great idea!

    Hope all is well with you and your family,

  2. Jimmie said,

    You are the lapbook queen! Great job! And the best is how you've linked all the things you used. Anyone can do it now that you've done all the research.

    We're doing one on Oceans now. And I'm trying to ease into notebooking. I really like the Hold That Thought CD I bought.

    Anyway, we are both nominated for the blog awards!! Woo hoo!

  3. Jimmie said,

    Very cool. I don't know how you did it, but your webpage shows up with a small cross icon instead of the regular red, yellow, and brown HSB house. Neat o!

  4. momofsix said,

    What a blessing your blog is to me!!! We did the sedar last year for the first time. I was amazed at how Jesus was so obviously the fulfillment of all the symbolism, down to the details in the holes of the Matza which symbolized the piercing in his hands and the stripes on his back….Thanks for sharing your family activities. I am going to incorporate your ideas. What a blessing your blog is to me!!! Thank you.

  5. rebeccahuff said,

    I love the Lapbooks! Can you share more about them? How does that work? I am currently doing a unit study that I created on the Passover. I had used the same worksheets you found. I have been posting my "notes" on my blog for the last two weeks, and I will be continuing through the end of next week. Thanks for sharing! I really want to incorporate those lapbooks!

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