Earth Day Lapbook

April 23, 2007 at 1:41 am (Uncategorized)

The kids and I made a Earth Day Lapbook yesterday as part of our Earth Day celebration. (Just a little party to celebrate this wonderful home God has given us!!!!!)

This was colored by my 6 year old daughter.

Inside folder #1:
The globe at the top was colored by my 3 year old son.  When you lift it up it has the Bible verse:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth." Genesis1:1

This is the 1st Bible verse he is working on memorizing and he is VERY PLEASED with his little booklet!  Below the globe in a worksheet done by my 12 year old which has the definitions of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle & the a worksheet to sort items into those categories.  The circles on the side my 6 yo filled in with things she learned about Earth Day.

Inside left folder:
This side has a mini book with songs about helping the Earth.  A lift book with the Creation story and a Earth Day worksheet done by my 12 year old in the Library pocket.  The booklet at the bottom is a list of things we use from the Earth. This is what the kids came up with:

1.  Food (animals & plants)
2.  Water
3.  Electricity
4.  Cotton – for clothing
5.  Metal – to make cars
6.  Wood – to build houses
7.  Rocks – granite, cement, tile
8. People – God made Adam from the Earth!

God gives us all we need to live  from the Earth!

Left folder under flap:
The bottom booklet is a word search done  by my 12 yo.  The top booklet is 2 lists. 

#1.  What we do…

  • We take are of our yard.
  • We recycle – cans, bottles, newspaper, glass
  • We use low energy light bulbs
  • we used cloth diapers (2 out of 3 kids)
  • Mom nursed all 3 kids (no formula production needed.)
  • We buy our clothes at the Thrift Store.
  • We don’t drive a Hummer!  (LOL)
  • We buy Organic when we can.
  • We avoid pre-packaged food.
  • We don’t drive to school!
  • Mom works from home.
  • We buy as much used as possible.
  • We buy used video games.  (LOL)
  • Dad carpools
  • We take care of our animals
  • We cut soda rings before throwing them away. 

#2.  What we want to do!

  • Grow our own organic veggies.
  • Walk more, drive less.
  • Buy a Hybrid car.
  • Build a Straw Bale house.  (This is really our dream!!!)
  • Put up solar panels
  • Tell others to be kind to the Earth!

Left folder inside flap:
On top is a picture colored by my 6 year old.  The bottom booklet is a Earth Day worksheet done by my 6 year old.

We also made a Earth Day Cake:

It was yummy!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

All the printables for this lapbook were found HERE and HERE.

Want some ideas for recycled crafts? Click HERE



  1. Reepicheep said,

    The lapbook looks great and the cake looks very yummy! Great job!!!!!!!!!

  2. mommyof3girlies said,

    Thanks for the info on the cd, I'll look into it! again….you do the nicest lapbooks and activities with your children! What a blessing you are to your little ones! I hope to do a lapbook soon with each of my girls, thanks for all your info and websites….juliet

  3. Anonymous said,

    Do you come up with the lapbook ideas on your own? We're getting ready to do another lapbook – our 4th – but I still feel I have to buy them and can't figure out how you'd do it on my own. Any suggestions for steps to take?

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