How To Mummify a Barbie!

April 26, 2007 at 8:41 am (Uncategorized)

No, I am not kidding….We actually mummified Barbie’s!  Well, actually 2 GI Joe’s and 1 Barbie!  Here’s what we did:

We bought the cheapest Barbie’s I could find at the Thrift Store.  I got GI Joe’s for the boys and Barbie for my daughter.  I spent $4.00 total on them.

Then I used the Magic Tree House Research Guide – Mummies and Pyramids as guide for our mummification process.

Here are the steps we took:

1.  Remove all the organs except the heart.  We did this by talking about the organs that would be removed and then drawing a red heart on the chest of each doll with a Sharpie Marker to represent leaving the heart in.

2.  Next we washed the body with  "wine"  (we used  white wine vinegar diluted in water.)  and rubbed the  it with  oils and spices.  (We used olive oil with a little nutmeg and cinnamon.)

3.  Now, we rubbed the body with kosher sea salt.

4.  Next we left our bodies to dry for 40 days!  (We used 1 minute to represent 1 day, so we really left them rest for 40 minutes.)

5. While we were waiting for 40 minutes to pass we tore strips of muslin appprox. 1 inch wide.  Then we made a paste of 1 part flour and 3 parts water.  
(The boys were pretending to be the Incredible Hulk while ripping the fabric.  Hence the weird face!  LOL)

6.  We also made the amulets that were wound into the cloth with the mummies.  We made ours out of fun foam.

7.  At last we  wet each strip in the flour/water mixture and wrapped the mummies! (BTW, we washed all the oil and etc. off the dolls before we started wrapping. This would not have been part of the mummification process, but our corpses were plastic!  LOL)

8.  Once they were completely covered with several layers of muslin we left them to dry. 

There you have it!  Mummified Barbie’s!  LOL  I don’t think my kids will forget this school day anytime soon!!

(If you are WAY more brave than me here are the directions to mummify a chicken! )


  1. homeschoolhighlites said,

    You get the most creative Homeschool mom award! We did Egypt/mummies in November – I wish I would have thought of that! Your photos were great.

  2. Onduli said,

    Ideas like this one are awesome! These are exactly the kinds of things I would like to do – things that my ds would NEVER do in a regular school setting. Like you said, your kiddos will never forget what they learned 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. msack said,

    We are just starting Egypt with our new sonlight core 6. I've seen that book in my library. Does it have other ideas in it as well?

  4. Leigh2 said,

    Okay…if I let my kids see this, they will make me do it immediately. Too fun!

  5. MichelleMcKinney said,

    Very creative, as usual. I prefer this over the chicken bones!
    The one thing I've noticed is you always include your youngest. I've read many blogs where littles are scooted off behind a gate or school only happens at nap time. .

  6. COMamabear said,

    We did this when we studied Egypt – and the dc LOVED it! We had a funeral procession and entombed her in the back yard. They promptly forgot she was there as soon as the dog messed up the mastaba mud pyramid marking the site. Until months later when they played tomb raiders and dug her and her "valuables" up! LOL

  7. drewsfamilytx said,

    Oh man! That is SO cool! I wish I knew about that a couple of months ago when we were wrapping up our study of ancient Egypt. (poor pun intended!). 🙂

    What a fun day that they will totally remember for a very long time!


  8. Anonymous said,

    That is the best mummification I've ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing! And I agree that they won't soon forget this day. And, it looks like your little boy is in PJ's (though maybe not). We love to do school in our PJ's!

  9. eyecorn said,

    Oh, man! And I went and bought a mummy kit…this is way cooler! How I've been wanting to get back and that perfectly figured Barbie…next time, I'll just mummify her! Seriously, when I do ancient history with DD in 2 years, I am definitely going to do this!

  10. Redbud said,

    You are one cool mom! I definitely like this better than the chicken.

  11. Trish said,

    What a clever idea! We are studying Egyptian history and I'm sure my daughter would get a kick out of this project! Excellent idea!

  12. counterculturalmom said,

    This looks awesome!! I've done the chicken mummy thing…this looks much less…stinky!

    Thanks for a great idea, we will definitely use this next year!

  13. deedeeuk said,

    Thanks for this idea! It is very timely. We are just finishing our Egypt unit and I'm not brave enough at the moment to mummify a chicken and wasn't sure how to ' do' the mummy bit! This is BRILLIANT and far less messy and time consuming! You are a life saver and my boys will LOVE this!

  14. Anon said,

    That is so cool, Jamin! I am definitely trying that with my kids. Mummified barbies. . . . Well, interesting! Cool idea!!

  15. Anna said,

    This was an awesome project! My daughter loved making the mummy. It's definitely something she'll never forget! Thanks for showing!

  16. imalwayswright said,

    That is really not something that you'd see every day but I have to admitt, it looks like fun

  17. Anonymous said,

    How awesome! We're using Story of the World, and the instructions to mummify a chicken seem so wasteful. I want to eat that chicken, ya know? I think a cheap doll would work much easier. Thanks!

  18. Anonymous said,

    At last revenge on barbie…How fabulous, thanks for the inspiration I was to scared to do a chicken. My daughter will love this and so will I. This is why we homeschool, you wouldn't do this in a class. Thanks and blessings Mandy

  19. mykidsmatter2 said,

    I have to tell you thank you for this great idea!! We are doing Egypt for the next couple of weeks as our study of the Ancients continues and this will be a fun and neat project!!
    Thanks so much!!

  20. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for the great idea! We're doing it soon. I got the materials and will be picking up some "thrown away" barbies tomorrow. Keep posting some great ideas. Appreciate them!

  21. Anonymous said,

    I spent all night trying to "refind" these awesome directions that I'd found a few weeks ago. Just as I had given up, i typed "make barbie mummy" and it poppet up. I give the credit to God. I look forward to using your directions tomorrow with 4 boys and 4 clay bodies. Thank you!! Laura

  22. Anonymous said,

    this was perfect… hi i'm a student looking for a mummy project for my one a week school… i needed a prototype to show in minni form what mummys look like… thank you soo much!!!!!!!
    don't know what i would've done it i didn't find this site! thanks again!

  23. Anonymous said,

    That is a way cool project!!!!!

  24. Anonymous said,

    That is a way cool project!!!!!

  25. Anonymous said,

    Thanks…Im doing a shool essay and i wanted to mummify a barbie

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