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My 12 year old writes a Sprite Comic called Search for the Magic Bunny Ears that he posts on the Nintendo Nsider Forums.  He has written it for a year now and has 80 comic strips.  This weekend he was telling me that he had written a "About" section for his cartoons that explains a little more about why he writes the cartoons.  Here is what he wrote:

Search for the Magic Bunny Ears was a comic I started one day after my old comic Kingdom Zelda was canceled. Though it is a comic meant to be funny, and I hope succeeds in that area, there are a few things I do different around here.

Quality, NOT… Jokes in bad taste:
When I write a comic there is a good chance it won’t be funny. It won’t try to be funny and it won’t be.  But there lies the key to my comic. It won’t TRY to be funny. Think about that for a moment. If I think of a joke, I’ll put it in. But I would never put in a joke that just doesn’t click. I won’t have the characters go through a fight and then have them say "I pooted" and have green fumes coming behind them. Even if it is funny, it destroys the QUALITY, of my comic, it destroys the character, it destroys the comic, and most of all, It destroys me. I hope people read my comic because of this. As Bill Watterson, the writer of one of the greatest cartoons ever, Calvin and Hobbes, once said, "Jokes come and go. Characters are forever."

This is one of the principles my comics are built on. If a single person remembers my comics in 5, 10, maybe even 15 years, (which I doubt) I want them to remember that the CHARACTERS were good. I couldn’t care less if they remembered the "Curse you cheesecake!" line.

If I can make one person laugh:
If one person finds my comics funny, if even one person finds it good, my day has been made. Nothing pleases me more than having made one person happy, even for a brief moment. That makes me happy.  Honestly, even if just one single person read my comic and found them funny, while ten others trashed them, I would be happy enough to make them.  The feeling of knowing that I helped make them happy, it’s just to great for me to put into words.

I write these comics for me:
I may write these comics for other people. I think thats what most writers of comics do. But to understand my comics you need to know, I write them for one person in particular. Me.  If I finish a comic, and it looks okay, but the writing is bad, I’ll scrap the hour of work, and try again. Yes, I look at every single comic, and I say to myself, "Self, do you like this comic?"  I know if I don’t like it, Then nobody else will like it.

Understand these three things, and you will understand not only my comics, but hopefully me, better.

And if you are still reading this, you probably have to much time on your hands. Seriously, go take a walk, hop in a pool, PLAY WITH KITTENS, JUST GO DO SOMETHING!

Or not. I really don’t care.

Reading this really made me think about why I blog.  Amazingly my reasons are pretty similar to his. 

#1. Quality –  I don’t really do humor, so I am not too worried about jokes in bad taste.  But, I do keep an eye on myself not to let my blog become a whine festival.  Like everyone there are things in my life I could complain about and probably get a whole lot of sympathy!  But, I want my blog to be an upbeat, fun place to visit.  I also make a concious effort not to put too much personal info in my blog.  Beyond not saying where I live you won’t find me complaining about my husband, kids or the lady at the supermarket!  LOL  So reading my blog you are not going to find out when I have PMS or  even know all about the "real" me.  Like I say in my intro this blog…"This is my place to share my thoughts on homeschooling, my kids and living for the Lord. All the while being a little outside the box!!"

#2.  Doing It For Others – I agree with my son that if one person reads one of my posts and finds it helpful my day is made!  I am happy when the 10 years of homeschool experience I have can help another homeschooling Mom.  If something I write can benefit one other homeschool Mom I am thrilled!   On the flip side I am learning SO MUCH from the homeschool blogs I read.  The blogging community is a wonderful thing and a huge blessing to our homeschool!

#3.  I Blog for Me!  –  Just like my son writes his comics to please himself, I write my blog for me too.  Everything I put on my blog is there because I want to remember or refer to it later. I am glad people read my blog.  But, if no one did I would still be blogging.  It is an awesome place to record my thoughts on this adventure called homeschooling.  It is a fantastic tool to keep pictures of the kids organized and easy to access. It is a great way to record what we are doing in school and how the kids are growing and changing.  It is a great way to share a little of our lives with Grandma who lives far away!  It is kinda like a digital scrapbook of our lives! 

Once again the teacher becomes the student. I am very proud of my son for not only writing some excellent comics, but for being so thoughtful of the whole process! 

Click HERE to read his 42nd comic which he wrote in honor of my 42nd birthday!!!


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  1. Jimmie said,

    wow! what an excellent writer your son is! Yes, his concepts are fabulous and full of character, but his writing is amazing! This boy is GOOD! I agree with you on many points as to why I blog as well. It's for me as well as the reader.

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