May 5, 2007 at 7:07 pm (Uncategorized)

You know what blogging has taught me?  Choosing one picture to represent yourself is HARD!  LOL

I started out with this picture…

Now this is a fine picture of me, taken on my 40th birthday by my oldest son.  The problem is I have gained weight since this was taken.  It just didn’t feel honest. 

So I switched to this picture…
I don’t think this a terrible picture…But, my husband HATES it.

So I switched to this one…
I liked this one.  I thought it made me look deep and thoughtful. The kids think it looks like I am watching TV!  LOL  Which honestly, I think I was! 

So HERE is the latest one!
Now this one is a keeper!  This one was taken during sewing class.  So I was actually teaching while it was taken.  It shows that I am happy with what I am doing and of course I am partially covered by a kid!  (My 3 year old.)  This really does catch the essence of what it is to be a homeschooling Mom!  Busy, active, involved, happy, enjoying my kids and of course you can’t quite see the whole me for seeing them!  This one is staying! 

If anyone complains I am uploading this picture and leaving it FOREVER!  LOL



  1. Jimmie said,

    Yes, it's hard to stick with one. I like to change it every now and then. A summery one doesn't fit when it's freezing cold outside. 🙂

    The new one is GREAT. It really fits!

  2. JenIG said,

    lol, you are funny.and for the record, i think they *all* look gorgeous.

  3. Janne said,

    🙂 I love seeing the many faces of Jamin!


  4. Glowen said,

    Hi I am doing a report and I have 2 do a model of a mummy, so I choose Pharaoh Barbie… I have 5 pages on how 2 mummify a person, but not a Barbie doll. I found this on GOOGLE and I loved it! I really like the last picture of u! LOL…

  5. Anonymous said,

    I absolutely love the first one that you started out with! Change them from time to time for fun!

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