The Fruit of the Spirit & Hair????

May 7, 2007 at 8:59 am (Uncategorized)

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 
Galatian 5:22

So what do The Fruit of the Spirit and Hair have to do with each other? 

Let me explain…

A while back I posted about the Fruit of the Spirit Candy Jar I made at my Bible Study.  When I made it we were using it as a reward for behavior that showed them using the Fruits of the Spirit.  After while we ran out of candy and I forgot about it.  A few weeks ago I remembered to pick up some more Runts at the store.  The kids were do happy to see the jar full again!  it just happened that the next morning my daughter was very unhappy about getting her hair brushed.  Sadly, this is a common event at our house!  (Yes, I am tempted to cut her hair daily!  LOL)  I said something about how she was not using ANY of the Fruits of the Spirit at that moment!  Then  got an idea!

I told her that if she could recite the Fruits of the Spirit to me she could have a candy while I combed her hair.  Much to my surprise she rattled them off almost without error!  Within a few days she was saying them perfectly! Of course her brothers were quickly in line to say their Fruits of the Spirits and get their candy!  LOL  (The 3 year old can’t say it all from memory yet, but he repeats them very nicely after me!)  Hooray for me…Hair combing is going MUCH better and the kids are learning God’s word at the same time!  (And one little candy before breakfast is not going to hurt them no matter what I use to say back when I had only 1 child!  LOL)  Now that the oldest 2 have them memorized I have them say them every morning and then pick one of the fruits to explain to me what it means and how they can show that fruit in their life.

See, the Fruits of the Spirit and Hair do have something in common!  LOL

If  you have any great suggestions for making combing long hair on a little girl easier PLEASE leave me a comment!  I am always looking for my next great plan when she tires of this one!



  1. writmm said,

    Your daughter and my daughter have the same hair! I have thought about tying my daughter up to comb/brush hers…but figured that was a little over the top. I have found that if I have her put conditioner in her hair during her bath, then comb it when she gets done,that is easiest for all of us. Putting her hair up at night into a pony tail or braids, also helps for in the morning. And when these things haven't been done, giving her a book or sitting her in front of me while we watch something on tv works too. Just keeping her distracted while I am ripping the hair out by the roots:( Also, a good detangler helps. We use Paul Mitchell lite detangler.

  2. keeperathome44 said,

    We share the same problem. I'll have to give the candy thing consideration. We found it is ALL in the brush. We have tried countless types and finally found one that is no tears. It looks like a big dog brush (I didn't mention that to her) and so far causes no tears or yelling. I also considered cutting her hair, but daddy said no way.

  3. Diane said,

    I LOVE your idea of the runts and the fruits of the Spirit. Your ideas really inspire me. Keep blogging or life will get boring around here. 🙂

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