Saturday – Old Town San Diego

May 18, 2007 at 11:15 am (Uncategorized)

Here is what we did on Saturday on our trip to San Diego…

We went to Old Town San Diego.  We have 2 grown niece that live in San Diego. One of our nieces is married and has 2 kids age 5 & 6.  (Yes, I am 17 years older than her and have a child younger than hers!  But, not for long…she is expecting #3 in Oct.) We are lucky to get to spend time with family when we go to San Diego.  Here we all are at Old Town.

Here are the kids in front of the fountain at the Hacienda In Old Town.  I love how they built these houses around a courtyard and have a huge outdoor living area.  It’s so practical in Southern California.  How would you like this to be your living room!  LOL

Here is my 3 year old enjoying the cannon in the Town Square.

Our niece and her family

My gang! (And no my 12 year old was not having attitude!  LOL  I don’t know why he looks mad in the picture.)

5 cousins in a tree!
This was pretty funny because atfer we took a couple pictures we realized the tree was surrounded by catcus!  As the kids got down our great-niece (Man, am I OLD!) dropped her shoe in the cactus!  So her dad had to crawl in and retrieve it.  Thankfully it was a shoe and not one of the kids!  LOL

One of the things I miss terribly now that we are not in California anymore is not seeing beautiful flowers everywhere I look!  Whenever I am there I can’t stop taking pictures of flowers!  I remember when I first moved from Kansas to California being so amazed that flowers like these grew outside!  LOL  In my mind you could only get flowers like these from a florist!

The orange flowers are Poppies, which is the California State Flower.  We learned when  we studied  California State History that somehwere in California poppies are in bloom everyday of the  year.

Not sure what these are, but they are pretty!

I loved this whole vignette.  It just soothes me to look at it. 

These are Bougainvillea.  These flowers line the middle of many of the freeways in Southern California.  Something beautiful to look at while you are perpetually stuck in traffic!  LOL

More Bougainvillea, just another amazing color!

I am pretty sure  this is some sort of Lily

I love Bird of Paradise so much I carried them for my wedding bouquet!  An unconventional choice, but we are talking about ME!!  LOL

Lavender!  Oh, how I love lavender!  The color the scent …It is just so lovely and peaceful.  I would love to have a whole field of it next to my house someday. Now, are those beautiful or what???

And speaking of beautiful!  Here is our other niece with my kids.When I see this niece I cannot help but think of myself at about the same age when I moved to California all on my own.  I LOVED it there and dreamed I would never leave…But, the cost of living became suffocating once we had kids.  We made it for 10 years by moving to Northern California, but eventually had to either give up life in California or me being a stay at home Mom.  I would always pick being home with my kids first, but…I DO miss my beautiful California! 

Tune in tomorrow for our day at the beach!




  1. bearsmom said,

    We went to Old Town ayear or two ago. It was really fun. Did you go through the grave yard? I am glad you all had such a great time.


    Looking forward to knowing <a href=""&gt; 8 Random Facts About You</a>.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! I am lavendar crazy too! I also love poppies and bougainvilla — SO GORGEOUS! I miss California! I haven't been there in over 10 years!


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