7th Grade – What We Did

May 23, 2007 at 8:02 am (Uncategorized)

This has been such a wild and CrAzY year for us that I really lost all control over school.  We stopped doing our Sonlight Curriculum at Christmas, and somehow we never got back to it…  So, I decided I need to sit down and go through my calendar, blog and notes to see just what we did do this year!  This is not the year I expected to have when we started out last September.   I think it has been a good year none the less.

7th Grade (My 12 year old Son)

Language Arts

The Wizard of  OZ Study– Read book and watched movie.  Did projects related to the book.  Built our own cyclone in a bottle.  Did mini studies on:

L. Frank Baum
The Heart
The Brain

Christmas Copywork 

The History of Christmas Study

Christmas Lapbook

Dance Mat Typing 

Rhyming Report on Dr. Seuss 

Chocolate Lapbook 

ML King Jr. Lapbook

Passover Lapbook

Earth Day Study with Lapbook 

Astronomy Study with Lapbook 


Jr. Acheivement   (post 1 and 2)

Valentines Math

My Mathematical Life 


Sequioa National Park

911 Flag Memorial

Chocolate Study with Lapbook 

Renaissance Festival  

ML King Jr. Study with Lapbook & Our Friend Martin DVD

Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Park

Civil War Renactment

Citizenship Ceremony


Passover Study with Lapbook

Making Mummies

Making Papyrus

King Tut Museum (With Audio Tour) 

Egypt Exhibit Field Trip (With Audio Tour)

Old Town San Diego – Birthplace of California

Legoland – Geography (Miniland USA)


Aquarium Field Trip – with recorded audio tour

Aquarium Classes – 2 classes,  Intro to Sea Life & Mysteries of the Dark

Aerospace Museum

Birch Aquarium

Cabrillo Tide Pools


Dr. Goddard Report  

Geology Field Trip

Lunar Eclipse 

Botanical Field Trip

Bird Sanctuary Field Trip

Bodies Exhibit

Earth Day Study with Lapbook 

Non-Newtonian Fluid 

Shell Study

Astronomy Study with Lapbook 

Lion Habitat Field Trip

Computer Sciences

Making Sprites 

Spriting Tutorial 

History of Video Games Study with Lapbook


Wrote, Desinged and published online Comic Series

Physical Education

PE Class – Homeschool Group
Bike Riding
Roller Skating
Awana Gametime

Awana Sparks Leader In Training


The Nativity Story Movie 


Passover Study with Lapbook

Earth Day Study with Lapbook

National Day of Prayer

Home Ec

Cooking – with Mom and Dad – Christmas Baking

Sewing – Class with Homeschool Group

Cake Decoration – Class with Homeschool Group


Building furniture – Benches with Dad

Replacing Windows – with Dad

Remodel a Kitchen – with Dad

(Sanding and staining, replacing counter tops, installing a new sink.)

Misc Home Repair – with Dad

Yard Work 


Making Sprites 


Classical Music Festival


On top of this we completed the 1st quarter of Sonlight 7th Grade.  He also completed the 1st 17 weeks of Math-U-See Zeta.  He read all or part of the following books:

Usborne Improve Your Grammar

Usborne Book of Art

Usborne Science Encyclopedia

Usborne Book of World Geography

One Year Bible for Kids

Now I just need to go through this all a 2nd time and figure out what my 6 year old did for Kindergarten!  LOL



  1. Leigharev2 said,

    WOW! This is a HUGE project! Good job so far!

  2. msack said,

    What a great year! I really want to keep better records so that I can look back on my blog and see what we have done!

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