Kindergarten – What We Did

May 24, 2007 at 7:16 am (Uncategorized)

It is much harder to come up with a concrete list of what I did with my daughter this year.  So much of her learning happened with her doing things at my side like cooking , running errands, answering questions and sitting in my lap with a library book.  I did not in any way try to keep track of all those books read and life lessons learned.  But, here is what I did document…


Kindergarten (My 6 year old Daughter)

Language Arts

Worked with Mom and is now reading!

Highlighter Handwriting

Phonics Treasure Hunts

Phonics T-shirt – Sounded out words to put on shirt

The Wizard of  OZ Study– Read book and watched movie.  Did projects related to the book.  Built our own cyclone in a bottle.  Did mini studies on:

L. Frank Baum
The Heart
The Brain

Christmas Games Lapbook 

Bee Lapbook

Chocolate Lapbook 

ML King Jr. Lapbook

Passover Lapbook

Earth Day Study with Lapbook 

Thanksgiving Lapbook

10 Commandments Lapbook

Civil War Lapbook 

Fairy Tale Town

Spelling – Turbo Twist


Jr. Acheivement   (post 1 and 2)

Valentines Math

Learned about combing coins 

Math Cups – learning addition

Play with Bean Bags (addition and subtraction)

Worked on 1st grade Math workbooks


Sequioa National Park

911 Flag Memorial

Chocolate Study with Lapbook 

Renaissance Festival  

ML King Jr. Study with Lapbook & Our Friend Martin DVD

Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Park

Civil War Renactment

Citizenship Ceremony


Passover Study with Lapbook

Making Mummies

Making Papyrus

King Tut Museum (With Audio Tour) 

Egypt Exhibit Field Trip (With Audio Tour)

Old Town San Diego – Birthplace of California

Legoland – Geography (Miniland USA)

Watched 1776 Movie

Thanksgiving Lapbook 

10 Commandments Lapbook

Civil War Lapbook


Aquarium Field Trip – with recorded audio tour

Aquarium Classes –  Intro to Sea Life

Aerospace Museum

Birch Aquarium

Cabrillo Tide Pools


Geology Field Trip

Lunar Eclipse 

Botanical Field Trip

Bird Sanctuary Field Trip

Earth Day Study with Lapbook 

Non-Newtonian Fluid 

Shell Study

Lion Habitat Field Trip

Bee Lapbook

Petting Zoo 

Misc. Crafts

Sock Snowmen
Candy Turkey’s
Photo Box
Candy Card
Jack-O-Lantern Box
Paper Bag Scrapbook Albums
No Sew Fleece Pillow
Made and Apron

Physical Education

PE Class – Homeschool Group
Bike Riding
Roller Skating
Awana Gametime
Dance Class 

Awana Sparks – FInished book and completed review


The Nativity Story Movie 


Passover Study with Lapbook

Earth Day Study with Lapbook

National Day of Prayer

Memorized Fruits of the Spirit

Resurrection Party 

10 Commandments Lapbook 

Home Ec

Cooking – Daily with Mom and Dad – Christmas Baking

Sewing – Class with Homeschool Group

Cake Decoration – Class with Homeschool Group

Learned to Knit on the Knifty Knitter


Building furniture – Benches with Dad

Misc Home Repair – with Dad

Yard Work 



Classical Music Festival

Misc. Life Skills

Social Skills – Tea Parties

Learned Left and Right

Learned to Tie Bows 


We also did…the 1st quarter of Sing Spell Read and Write.  The 1st  50 lessons of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Watched Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD.  We read many, many many books aloud.  Played countless math board games. Played countless online and CD rom computer learning games.  Did Kindergarten and 1st grade level misc. work books for math, phonics, handwriting and general education.  


Whew…I think that is pretty much the bulk of what we did for Kindergarten.  I don’t know that we are necessarily "done" for the school year.  As a matter of fact this little girl is such a eager learner that I have to HIDE from her NOT to be teaching her something!  LOL  But, I think this will do for Kindergarten in a nutshell! 



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