Knifty Purse!

May 24, 2007 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

My daughter spent yesterday knitting a purse on her Knifty Knitter

Here is her completed masterpiece!

Close up!
The bag part of the purse was done on the newborn hat (blue) Knifty Knitter.  The tassels were made like the directions HERE.  The strap is crocheted, it is the only part that was done by Mom.  I think she could probably crochet a chain, but I had way too small a crochet hook and it was even hard for me to work with this yarn.

The proud knitter!

And while she was making a purse her 3 year old brother knitted a hat!
ROFL!!!!  Okay, he didn’t really make a hat!  But, if you ask him he will tell you he did!  (Plus, It kept him busy for a loooong time!)

Click HERE for pictures of her 1st hat.

Now she wants to Knify Knit an Octopus

Meanwhile I started doing Google searches to fine more cool stuff for her to make.  There is a LOT out there!

HERE are some wonderful FREE patterns to make goodies on the Knifty Knitter, including pumpkins and a snowman!  (Yep, we are going to HAVE to make these!)

HERE is a blogger who has a passion for Knifty Knitting!  I will be stealing borrowing lots of these ideas in the future!  (I particularly want to try the socks, leggings, kitchen towels and pot scrubbers!)

HERE is a blog I could waste spend a lot of time at!  A Knifty Knitters Journal…This women is as obsessed with the Knifty Knitter as I am with homeschooling!  :LOL

HERE is another wonderful site.  This one has a FREE patterns to make an adorable bunny! There are also a bunch on FREE pdf files on her side bar to download patterns for things like Christmas Bells, Easter Eggs, Candy Canes and an ADORABLE Pumpkin Hat that will be just right for my new grand niece or grand nephew who is due on Halloween! ‘

HERE are even some videos to watch to learn how to do different stitches and technics!

I even found a Yahoo group for people who love Knifty Knitting!  LOL  I don’t even dare think about joining!

And if ALL this isn’t enough Knifty Knitter ideas check out this Google Blog search of the words Knifty Knitter!

This should keep her busy for awhile! 


  1. msack said,

    I got this when you blogged about it before and I still haven't figured mine out! That is so cool. I need her to come give me lessons. My son and I really want to make hat with this! and I love all the other stuff links that you sent as well. Maybe this could be our summer project.

  2. drewsfamilytx said,


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