Homeschool ID Cards

May 31, 2007 at 8:57 pm (Uncategorized)

The kids and I have had Homeshool ID Cards for the last 3 years.  The State we currently live in provides us with a Exemption from Compulsory Education Letter one we have notified them we will homeschool.  Then we can take that letter to a company they contract with and get and ID card.  It has come in pretty handy for me over the last 3 years because having an Home Educator ID card qualifies me for all kids of Educator Discounts.  Bookstores, Craft Stores, Teacher Supply Stores and even a few Museums have given us discounts.  By next school year we should be living in another State that does not provide these ID cards.  Although I have never found a use for my kids ID cards, my oldest son will soon be 13 (YIKES) and I fear will be venturing out into the world a bit without me!  I think it would be a good idea for him to have an ID card on him when this begins… So I started looking for online places to get an ID card.  There are actually quite a few places that provide ID’s to homeschoolers.  But my favorite of course is FREE!!!

This one I  will probably use for next year.  You fill out a form on their website and they produce the artwork and email it to you in a pdf format.  Then you print it and take it and have it laminated.  Of course it is…FREE!!!  I printed out one for myself and one for my son last night to see what they look like and they are really well done.  They suggest that you take it to Kinko’s and have it laminated for $2.50. 

Here are some other options for you…

This one and this one also have templates to make your own ID cards using your own computer and printer.  They are not as jazzy as the one above though, but they are still FREE! The only benefit i can see to these over the 1st one I mention is that you don’t have to give anyone your child’s name, phone number and address. 

This one is more of a general kid ID card.  It has a lot of info including a place for the parent to sign and give permission for medical treatment.  They recommend attaching one to your child’s car seat in case of an accident.  Interesting idea?  This would be good for smaller siblings that are not of school age yet. (But it is expensive, IMO)

This one looks pretty snazzy and is made of PVC just like a driver’s license.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to print out a form and then have it notarized before you send it back.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why it needs to be notarized?  Seems like a waste of money to me.  But, if you just wanted someone else to make the card for you this might be a good option.  They claim that this card is recognized as legitimate by police and truant officers.  I have my doubts about that to be quite honest.  I have talked with 3 different Policemen in our City and asked them if they are familiar with our school district approved ID card.  All three told me they had never heard of or seen one before I showed it to them.  They did think the ID card was a good idea though and would be helpful if they stopped a kid out and about during school hours.  I just can’t imagine that there is one card that is recognized by officials all over the U.S. (But, I could be wrong.  hehehe)

So, while an ID is not a necessity, it can come in handy.  I just thought I would share some options for obtaining one.  Now, go out there and get your discounts!!!! 

Oh, one more thing…They also make for a cute scrapbook page at the end of each school year!



  1. isaiah431819 said,

    you have a nice blog and i have been blessed by reading through some of your posts. your information on lapbooks brought me here. i am interested in them for my daughter who is an outside the whatever when it comes to learning. lol.

    may you continue to be blessed and bless others.

  2. CarpeBanana said,

    What a cool idea. I never thought to do this. Thanks for all the choices.

  3. jilly said,

    I love your blog– so many of your posts speak right to my heart! I have also had some fertility troubles… but God is good, and our 3rd blessing is 8 months old! I appreciated the posts on living frugally (I posted one on my blog too!) and the ID cards. I made some ID cards for us using the first site you mentioned. They look great! I will laminate them at church. You can also get laminating done at Office Depot for $1 or so per sheet. That's where I usually go! I think we should meet sometime– we could be friends! God bless you!
    Jill N. aka jillybean

  4. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the informative posting. You mention some great options.

    Have you or anyone else considered a more internationally accepted ID. For instance, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), just extended their eligibility to include home school students. It costs $22 for a year, but it is also recognized by UNESCO. Their website is Anyone thought about this option too?

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