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June 5, 2007 at 8:01 am (Uncategorized)

I got tagged by briarwren..

I am suppose to tell you the meanings of my children’s names…But, I Googled the meanings and up popped their names!  LOL  Sooooooo since we don’t disclose our names, I can’t really tell the meanings either.  Here is what I can tell you…

All of my children have first and middle names from the Bible.  All 3 of them have first names with Hebrew origins.  It was important to me for my kids to have Biblical names because I want God to be the number one thing in their lives.  I want them to be reminded every time they hear their names that they were wonderfully made by God and created to fulfill the plans He has for them.

My oldest son first name is the same as my paternal grandfather and his middle name is after my husbands maternal grandfathers last name.  Both of his names also belong to Start Trek characters.  This was important to my husband!  LOL  (Imagine trying to come up with Biblical, Family, Star Trek names!)

My daughters first name is from the Bible and the meaning of her name accurately describes what she means to our family.   Her middle name is after my husbands maternal grandmother & is also Biblical.  Her name has no relationship to Star Trek!  (I gave up on that insanity after child #1! LOL)  My daughters initials also spell out her nickname! I had this planned out when we named her and we even included her nickname in her birth announcement.

My youngest son is not named for anyone in the family.  Both of his names come from the Bible, one Old Testament and one New Testament.  The meaning of his first name also accurately describes what he means to our family.  People who are not familiar with the Bible frequently think he is named after a island in Hawaii!  I kid you not, I get this ALL the time!

If my husband would have had his way ALL our children would have been named some variation of Jack!  Jack, Jacqueline & Jackson!  His maternal grandfather’s first name was Jack and he LOVED his grandfather!  I don’t mind the name Jack, but it’s not from the Bible and 3 kids with variations of the same name would drive me crazy!  I already call them by the dog and cats names half the time anyway!

So, are you more curious that ever what my kiddos names are?  (I can just see the people that really know me wracking their brains to remember all the names of the Hawaiian Islands!  LOL)

I am not going to tag anyone specifically…But, if you want to play along please let me know so I can come over and read about your kids names on your blog!



  1. Maleah said,

    I posted it on my blog as well. Thanks for the link this morning to the line drawing game. My kids have been playing it since lunch!

  2. briarwren said,

    Hi, Jammin. This is just a quick reply to your comments on my blog. Sorry for the confusion. I have two blogs: Forest Cottage (which I've been horribly lax on), and Carey's Cats. Carey's Cats is for the extended family to see what's going on and so my posts here at homeschoolblogger wouldn't be super long. And of course Forest Cottage is my homeschooling blog. Have a great week.

  3. Anonymous said,

    I posted my kids names and meanings on my blog-
    I like your blog and all the hsing info you have on it.

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