For the Love of Lapbooking!

June 18, 2007 at 11:20 am (Uncategorized)

From a Comment Dated…Jun. 13, 2007 – Lapbooks

Posted by Jimmie

Girl, you are a lapbook maniac! You will lapbook anything!! (Like the way lapbook just became a verb?)

Kid –"Mom, Joey hit me!"
You — "Well, dear, why don’t you make a lapbook about it?"

You — "Dinner is going to be late tonight. Sorry."
Kids — "No problem, Mom, we’re making a lapbook about world hunger to take our minds off the starvation we feel."

You know I’m kidding, right? I think it’s TOTALLY AWESOME! If only I’d planned ahead for a Father’s Day lapbook.


The above comment from Jimmie really cracked me up!  But the truth of the matter is you CAN lapbook anything!  Recently on one of the lapbook groups I am in someone mentioned that they made an Encouragement Lapbook for a friend who was having surgery.  They used Bible verses and quotes to put together a book that their friend could pull out again and again during her recovery and be encouraged!  What an awesome idea!  (I wish I could give credit to the exact person who posted it, but I was just skimming the post and I can’t find it again.  Sorry…) Anyway, this got me thinking about all the occasions we could make a lapbook for!  We too have a friend who is about to have surgery and I would love for my kids to spend time putting together and Encouragement Lapbook!  We also have the most wonderful Christian neighbors who I would like to make a sort of Thank You Lapbook for.  My idea is to find Bible verses that they have fulfilled in the way they treat us and then put the verse on the top of a flap and when they lift it us the kids could say thanks for XYZ and point out how they had fulfilled the verse.  But, what about Birthdays, Anniversaries?  How cool would it be to do  Lapbook about the year a person was born or married?  Or maybe a lapbook about things that have been invented in a persons lifetime?  The possibilities are endless! 

One thing that gets me really excited about lapbooking is that my kids love to do it.  If I said "Hey, let’s do a study on Father’s Day and write reports about what we learn."  My kids faces would fall through the floor!  LOL  But, if I say "Let’s make a lapbook for Dad!"  Everyone jumps up and grabs the lapbooking supplies!  They don’t care if it’s Summer, or Spring Break, or even if we are on Vacation!  They love lapbooking! 

Another thing I love about lapbooking is we can ALL do it together.  It doesn’t matter that there are 9 1/2 years between my oldest and youngest, they have fun lapbooking together! 

So….if you keep stopping by my blog there is no telling where lapbooking may take us!  Sure we will keep using them for studying History, Science, Math, Bible, etc…But the really is NO END to the possibilities of lapbooking! 

…You know that lapbook on
world hunger really is a good idea…hummm….
I wonder what printables I could find???….


THIS JUST IN…6/30/07

Posted by amtell (

I had this poem on my fridge for years! Love it. BTW, we were the ones who did the encouragement lapbook. It was my kids favorite lapbook. I can’t believe you blogged about it! I’m honored.


Hooray!  Now I can properly credit the brilliant mind that came up with the Encouragement Lapbook!  HERE is the link to the post about this wonderful lapbook made by the children of Lilliput Station!

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  1. Jimmie said,

    Love the new blue paisley. Lovely!!

    Glad you warned me about this! It's funny to see a blog entry about my comment! 🙂

    And your I heart lapbooking is adorable! We need a button to put on our sidebars! That would be awesome.

    Or a lapbook blogring. I wish I knew how to do that.

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