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June 22, 2007 at 11:53 am (Uncategorized)


I love blogging!  But, imagine if I could blog and make a little money too!  Well, here is a way YOU can help me!  All you need to do is come here first anytime you are going to make a purchase from one of the following vendors…When you click through to the following vendors sites from my blog I will earn a small commission!  It’s as simple as that!  You keep shopping, I’ll keep blogging!



 This is a wonderful product that really does what it says!  Teaches kids the Upper Times Tables in about an hour?  How you ask?  Well, it gives your child word pictures (otherwise known as Mnemonics.) that they will forever associate with the multiplication problem they are learning.  This is really one of those things that is almost too good to be true! 



I am IN LOVE with Bedroom Cleaning for Kids!!  Why?  Because they have literally taught my kids how to clean house!  There are not enough good words to say about these little books in my opinion.  (The also have a 2nd book that teaches how to clean the kitchen, living area and bathrooms.)  You can read my reviews Here and Here!  (Buy them, you will not regret it!)


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This book is a compliation of articles written by 4 homeschool Mom’s (Including ME!) about how we homeschool using outside-the-box ideas.  This would be great for a new homeschooler who wants to look into the minds and classrooms of some experienced homeschool Moms.  We share our tips &  ideas.  It is fun to read! Is also great for the Mom who wants to let go and be more free in her homeschooling style, but is not quite giving herself permission to go there yet!



By the way, I will never recommend a product or vendor I have not tried out for myself and am not 100% in love with! 

Have FUN shopping !!!! 





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