Online Drawing Lessons with Jan Brett

June 25, 2007 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

Jan Brett now has FREE video drawing lessons on her website!  Here is the link:

If you don’t know who Jan Brett is she is the wonderful author and illustrator of:

The Mitten

Armadillo Rodeo

Hedgie’s Surprise

and many MORE!!!

My kids really love all her books and my 12 year old can’t wait to start getting drawing lessons from such a talented lady! 

What a great way to spend a Summer day!


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  1. briarwren said,

    I notieced some of those were up a few months ago. I was looking at the one about drawing the ginger baby. I love Jan Brett. Do you know about Teach Art At Home? A monthly newsletter that delivers free art projects and lessons that are contained on – the home of Masterpiece Art Instruction. Join the group and be the first to receive the new projects every month along with drawing lessons and fun ideas for using art to teach other subjects such as history and science. There are lots of great projects to do.

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