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June 28, 2007 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)


Thank you so much to Cindy of Our Journey Westward for bestowing the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award on ME!  (I don’t know which I am more excited about being called Rockin’ or being called a Girl at 42! If anyone is passing out Rockin’ Old Lady Blogger Awards PLEASE pass over me!! LOL)

So I am suppose to pass the honor on to 5 bloggers…Here are my picks!  (Which was REALLY hard since there are soooo many blog I love to visit!)

1. One Child Homeschool Policy is so fun to read.  Not only does have share great pics of China, but she makes awesome lapbooks I just can’t resist looking at & learning from!

2. Life Without School is a blog I have been enjoying lately.  It is actaully a bunch of "Girls" that all contribute to write about Unschooling.  Very inspiring and encouraging!

3. I have to honor my real life friend Michelle at Filled with Joy. She is one of those people that just calmly goes about what she is doing and shares the amazing things she does with her kiddos.  (Plus her kids are soooo cute!)

4. I have to mention Dena’s Deiberations because not only does she make me laugh she teaches us how to get groceries for FREE! 

5. Last, but certainly not least is Yesterdays Hope.  I like her blog for a lot of reasons.  My children and I enjoy her blog because of the awesome Animal News she shares on a regular basis. 

So go visit my Rockin Girl Blogger picks and tell ’em Jamin sent you!



  1. Anonymous said,

    Jamin…I am so honored that you bestowed this award on me. Your blog is one of my all time favorites! Thanks again!

  2. redmom said,

    What an honor. I'm thinking I should shower and get dressed to be more presentable for such an honor. And, um….maybe I should actually post in my blog a bit more often! lol

    And you're totally worthy of Rockin' Girl Status!

    Thanks!Edited by jaminacema on Jun. 28, 2007 at 12:17 PM

  3. westward said,

    He He. When I saw rockin' GIRL in the title, I asked myself, "Should tell somebody I'm far from a girl?" Then I thought, "Naaah! What they don't know won't hurt me!!" 🙂

  4. MichelleMcKinney said,

    Thank you, J. It's so exciting to receive the award, be called a girl, and to think some how some way I might rock!
    You're the best. I visit your blog daily.

  5. Jimmie said,

    Thanks!! I'm way behind, but catching up. Hope your vacation is AWESOME! Love those books on tape!!!

    And McDonalds is such an awesome thing when traveling — smart clown that Ronald — bathrooms, food, drinks, play areas, AC. It's all there. 🙂

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