My Biggest Fan!

July 1, 2007 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)

I never in my life ever dreamed I would have a fan…but, blogging has changed all that!  LOL


Here I am with my biggest fan! 

Have you ever met someone that makes you laugh EVERY time you are around them?  Well, as you can see from the picture above…This friend does that for me! 

But why do I call her my biggest fan? One of the 1st times I ever met this sweet lady she told me she had read every post on my blog!  I thought she was just kidding, but now after a few months of knowing her and talking to her, I actually think she has!  (And after meeting her husband and seeing him try to refrain from rolling his eyes when he found out who I was, I am fruther convinced!  ….LOL) 

So, I had to post this picture of us because anyone who has read that many of my ramblings deserves some kind of recognition!  And, if truth be told, I must admit…I am a pretty big fan of hers too!




  1. pajamasmith said,

    The other day, I woke up and started organizing the laundry upstairs. The children kept running up to ask me "urgent" questions about their schoolwork, then disappearing into their rooms to (she) sneak and do beading and (him) to build Bionicles. By the time I'd gathered all the laundry and herded the wayward children back downstairs, I was exhausted! I plopped on the sofa and turned on PBS for a break and began to watch a story on a guy who kayaked from some freezy place (Greenland?) to another freezy place (Canada?) with maybe a knife and a piece of leather as far as provisions, ditched the kayak, hiked zillions of miles across frozen land and built a cabin from scratch, presumably with his knife and piece of leather and eventually (Where'd he get the wife? Did she hitchhike on his back?) raised a family in the wilderness! At that point, I glanced over at my nine monstrous heaps of laundry (which my son had converted into islands for rival Bionicles) and, you know, they didn't look so bad!

    The story of this man made me feel that my "load" was manageable and doable because HIS "load" seemed really awful! Well, Jamin doesn't suffer and struggle and barely survive, she SHINES and SMILES and SHARES and inspires us all to keep going and keep trying to do things just a little bit better! Why? Because she goes out of her way to make her load seem like the privilege it IS!

    I am the wimp who calls my husband five minutes after he's left on a business trip (HEEEEELP!!) and every time I see Jamin with her children at an event and I KNOW her husband has been far away working hard, I want to say, "WOW! Look at HER! Still going, still happy, and still busy!" THAT'S why I'm her fan!

  2. jaminacema said,

    Thank you, thank you sweet lady! I will return to read your comment again and again when I need encouragement to find my way through the wilderness! You are a blessing to me!


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