On the Road Again!

July 2, 2007 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized)

That’s right, we are on the road again!  Believe me when you live in the desert you are just looking for excuses to go places during the Summer…So as the temperatures soar I am taking the kids and hitting the road!  Please pray for us while we are gone since I will be traveling right at 1200 miles alone with 3 kids.  I have done it before, so I know it is doable, but your prayers for a safe & trouble free journey would be very much appreciated! (Prayer for conveniently located, clean bathrooms are also appreciated!)

Here are the books on tape I have checked out to listen to in the car…

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory -Roald Dahl

My Side of the Mountain – Jean Craighead George

The Incredible Journey – Shelia Burnford

The Summer of Riley – Eve Bunting

Because of Winn-Dixie – Kate DiCamillo

The Report Card -Andrew Clements

Speaking of books on tape…my husband told me the other day that  Wendy’s is currently giving away kids audio books in their kids meals.  One of them is a Magic Treehouse book!  We will be stopping at Wendy’s to eat it looks like!

 Happy 4th of July…God Bless America!!!

I’ll see you in 2 weeks!

 "On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…."




  1. writmm said,

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! A couple of years ago, the kids and I drove from Virginia to Florida. It took us two days each way, but we had a great time. Thank goodness for books on tape and gameboys!

  2. msack said,

    I can't make myself travel alone with my kids more than an hour away!
    So brave! Wish I was!
    Have a great, safe trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Anonymous said,

    You are certainly intrepid. Praying for a safe trip and lots of fun for you all.


  4. TeachingHisWays said,


    I have been here reading about your felt board stuff and I can't wait to get started. I have so many things I can turn into felt stories and my preschooler will love this. My older son probably will too! Hope you've had a good vacation and can't wait to visit for more great ideas!
    formerly homeschoolblogger.com/teachinghisways

  5. drewsfamilytx said,

    Safe travels, my friend! I cannot imagine driving that many miles– zowie.

    Just FYI– our local Wal-mart has a bunch of audio books on clearance for $1. I picked up one of each– Pride & Prejudice, Beauty & the Beast, Pinnochio, and a bunch of others…

    Thanks for the Wendy's tip, too!


  6. InfertilityMom said,

    Haven't been on Homeschool Blogger in a while, so dropping in to say hi. 🙂 I pray you are having a wonderful road trip!

  7. A Note From Theresa said,

    My name is Theresa and I found your blog from Pam's blog Midnight Musing. I am a stay at home mom of 4 that I homschool. I will be back to your blog.

    Please feel free to visit my blog at:

  8. Kellyque777 said,

    Are having a great trip! We took a 1000 mile journey from MN to Texas a few years ago and I know that feeling of vulnerability when you are driving alone with the kiddos. May the Lord abundantly watch over you and provide for your every need while you are on your journey, and may you have lots of favor for finding clean restrooms :-).

    Oh the great feeling you get when it is over, to be able to say you did this alone with the Lord! WHOOHOOO – VICTORY!

    <>< Kelly

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