Christmas in July – Literally!

July 20, 2007 at 12:19 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I am still completely and utterly pooped…But,  this is just too much fun not to tell…

Remember Christmas?  You know the one that happened 7 months ago?  Well, my 12 year old son only asked for one thing for Christmas.  A Nintendo wii.  Now we as reasonable parents told him that the wii was more than our Christmas budget would allow us to spend, but if he could come up with 1/2 we would pay the other 1/2.  Well he saved and saved and traded in all his old games and even his game systems to get enough to buy the wii.  But, as you all know if you have a 12 year old geek living in your home, there has been a terrible wii shortage!  In 7 months we have NOT been able to find one!  The poor kid got nothing for Christmas!  (Okay he got a few little things from us and stuff from Grandma, but for the most part he got zilch. This was his choice, he said he wanted to wait.  And wait he did! ) Well in April he decided to go buy back the game system he had traded in and the games he had traded in…Sigh…We told him that for his birthday in August we would get him a wii, feeling confident they would be easy to get by then!  We were WRONG! So here we are about 4 weeks from his birthday and the wii still is no where to be found.  We have been trying to find out what else he wanted since the wii didn’t look like an option. Until…last week.  My husband happened to have some EXCELLENT timing and walked into Cosco just as 23 wii’s hit the sales floor!  WE GOT A WII!!!!  I have known for a week (while we were out of town.) and it has killed my not to tell my son….Well, today was Christmas in July!!!!  First I wrapped it in birthday paper and then I put it in a Christmas Gift Bag.  I called my 6 year old daughter in and told her the good news and the plan.  While my son innocently was playing with his 3 year old brother in the Living Room the 6 year old and I came marching in singing…Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You… lalala…followed by…We Wish You a Merry Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas!  He looked confused?  Then Dad entered the room with the wrapped package.  I think my son thought we were pulling his leg.  I will let pictures tell the rest of the story!

Here he is not quite sure what his crazy parents are up to this time? (A Christmas gift bag in July for no apparent reason???)

Cautiously optimistic he tears off the birthday wrapping paper.  (His sister is about to BURST!!!)

The joyous moment of realization!!!

This is too good to be true! (A few second after this picture was taken he informed us that it would be a very cruel joke if this turned out to be a empty box!  LOL)

The Happy DANCE!!!! (The box was NOT empty!)

Of course he had to run and Instant Message his friends that he got a wii!

At this point I was looking for the spatula to scrap him off the ceiling!  (I was also hoping that at some point his face would return to normal!  LOL)

A better Christmas in July was never had! 

(Okay, now this time I am really not going to post for a couple days until I get all rested up.  Really, I mean it! LOL)

Merry Christmas in July to all
and to all a goodnight!



  1. writmm said,

    We can so relate to this story. This was to be the kids big gift for Christmas this past year (And it was going to be a surprise, because they were not totally tuned in and so weren't expecting it). I tried several times to get a Wii before Christmas, including being willing to sit in Walmart a few hours…however, I had bad information and instead of being available at midnight it was going to be 8 am. I was not up to spending the night at Wally World. I love my kids…but that was just too much. I went back at 5, and there were 8 people in line (at 9 pm, there was no one). They had 8 Wiis…so Christmas came with an I.O.U. Finally in March we were able to lay our hands on this fantastic game! We have been having a blast with it ever since. And I love the fact that they can play all of their favorite Game Cube Games on it too!

    Have you seen the Wii Fit that is going to be coming out? Time to start saving that money up again!

  2. Leigharev2 said,

    That is the best! Nice job family!

  3. Theresa said,

    LOVE THE FACE!! How funny 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures, loved them.

  4. picluvinmom said,

    He looks so excited and gratefull

  5. Fiffi said,

    Yip the face says it all…….a happier child I've never seen!!!!!!!!!
    You see delayed gratification is a real thing!

  6. redmom said,

    Looks like one happy kid you've got there!

  7. Pajamasmith said,

    Paulina and I had a BLAST reading your story! What an exciting day! We are so happy for HIM and for all of you!!!

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