Lemonade Pie

July 24, 2007 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

Last month when I blogged about Frozen Lemonades some wonderful Anonymous person left the following comment…

Jun. 29, 2007 – lemonade pie

Posted by Anonymous (

A favorite in our home is a can of lemonade mixed with 1/2 gal slightly melted vanilla ice cream. Pour the mixture into two graham cracker pie crusts and refreeze. Yum Yum! Also works well with limeaid.

Let me tell you…this is WONDERFUL!  We made it once while we were on vacation and it was a smashing success!  Then I made it again yesterday and well this is going to be my stand by dessert for Summer!  Yum Yum, it is delicious and since I only like to cook things that are not really cooked (LOL) this recipe is very ME!

I can hardly wait to make it with limeade!  Thank you Anonymous blogger whoever you are!!!



  1. A Note From Theresa said,

    My Daughter loves to Bake things. She mad an Oat Meal Cake for dessert tonight. I'm going to do this one with her, and I'll let you know how it turns out.

  2. picluvinmom said,

    My fav is lemon ice box pie..Lemon juice,eagle brand milk,whip cream and I mix till it taste right but I am sure there is an offical recipe out there but I like to taste as I go.. But on the other hand that sounds to good I will have to try it..

  3. kaenhu said,

    Hey there Jamin', when you re-froze the ice cream, did it change the texture of the ice cream? I notice that if I accidentally leave a pint of ice cream out on the counter and then later find it and re-freeze it, the texture is changed completely. It tastes really gritty and I end up throwing out the container. I take it your lemonade ice cream pie didn't do that? Maybe the lemonade helps it somehow?

    I am now a blogger here btw. šŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous said,

    I'm so glad you liked it! I'm grateful to be able to give back a little something after enjoying so many of your wonderful ideas!!
    The picture was great – made me hungry for lemonade pie – no doubt, it will be dessert for our home group tomorrow night – delish!!!
    Blessings to you

  5. 4sweetums said,

    Yum Yum!!! I can't wait to try that one either!

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