Far From Perfect!

August 4, 2007 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)

One of my friends on my online Mom’s group posted a link to a hysterically funny site that is pictures and stories of the winners of The World’s Worst Quilts.  I am telling you there are some whoppers on this site!  If you want a GREAT laugh you have to click over and check them out!  (My sides are hurting I laughed so hard!)  But trust me, I am NOT laughing at them, I am laughing with them!  Yes, believe it or not I can relate.  You know I get a lot of wonderful emails and comments from people telling be how amazed they are with all the things we do and all the things I make.  First off I want to say it is NEVER my intention to post anything to make others feel bad.  I do not mean to show off.  I am just a tightly wound person who cannot sit still and can only "relax" if I am in the middle of a project!  (Or 2 or 3 or 4!  LOL)  But, looking at these quilts made me realize that I just don’t talk about my failures!  (And believe me there are plenty!)  Anyway, here is the post I wrote in response to worst quilt web page: (There was simultaneously a conversation going on about me being crafty, BTW.)

Okay, in light of this site I have to tell you all this story.  First off you are all under the assumption that everything I do works.  WRONG!  I just don’t talk about my failures!  LOL But here is a doozie!  Last year a friend had a baby.  I had procrastinated making a quilt because …Well that doesn’t matter.  The day before we were to go see the baby I decide to make a quilt.  (In one day!  Yes, I am nuts!  LOL)  Now she is really picky and I didn’t know what fabric she would like.  But I had made a couple slings for her out of fabric she had chosen, so I figured she liked that fabric.  So I had all these odd long strips to work with.  I thought for maybe 30 seconds…and started sewing.  When I got it pieced it looked great!  I loved the colors and I was really pleased.  I laid it out on the table and ran to get some batting.  When I came back down stairs the quilt caught my eye…There in the middle of the design was a BIG purple swastika!  ROTFL!!!  I was horrified. I though, okay maybe it’s just me.  I called my neighbor to come over.  She came in and saw it and went nuts over the colors, etc.  Then I said, "Take a closer look, do you see anything odd?"  Her eyes lit up and she started to laugh.  She said, "Oh my, do you mean the swastika?"  Sigh….I had to cut it up and start again!!  (In retrospect I should have taken a picture!  I could have sent it in to the worst quilt website!)  I did make another one and got it finished in a day!  LOL

 Here is the finished one if anyone wants to see it!


You will notice in the blog post I don’t mention the 1st failed attempt!  LOL

So for all you who think that I do all things with amazing ease, rest easy!  I frequently have disastrous outcomes….I just keep them under my hat!  LOL

Click HERE to go to The Worst Quilt in the World web page.



  1. kaenhu said,

    I think it's great when we can laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Jimmie said,

    I visited those quilts.
    Oh my oh my. At first I was thinking, "This isn't funny. These quilts are not even bad." But then I kept clicking.

    The turkey one really got me!!! Oh my. What great sports those folks were to enter their quilts. 🙂 Interesting to me that for many it was their FIRST quilt. We all have to start somewhere, right?

  3. redmom said,

    I can't wait to check out the website.

  4. writmm said,

    Glad to know you make a mistake from time to time:) Be sure to throw the rest of us a bone like that now and then:)


  5. amtell said,

    Those quilts are nothing compared to some of the quilts that are made around us. Beautiful quilting, but the fabric and the color choices are horrible! I guess people around here must like them though, because you don't see much else.

    My husband and and I were given a quilt as a wedding gift by a 90 something year old friend. The stitching is an amazingly intricate vine pattern- very easily viewed on the aqua backing. The front is a pattern of squares and triangles of aqua, light yellow, and red cotton, and some polyester prints of red and blue. Completely ugly, but every stich an act of love.

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