Duct Tape

August 8, 2007 at 11:44 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, coming from the person that loves to make things from Capri Sun Juice Pouches this may not surprise you….Here is my new obsession!  ROFL!!!

Making things from Duct Tape!

The boys made visors

(I know my oldest sons is hard to see because it is brown, like his hair.)  I love how my little one is looking up to his big brother.

My daughter and I made a tote bag big enough to carry her Bible to church.  (Which she has been requesting for awhile now.)

Of course she needed a little matching bag for her money!

Here is my oldest working on his visor. First you have to put together strips as big as you need for your project.

The you have to put more strips on the other side.
Once he had the 2 sides together he just traced out the visor shape and cut it out.  Then we made a back strap and voila!  A visor!

After my daughter finished her tote bag she had to decorate it with Sharpie Markers.
I mean who would want a plain ole’ undecorated Duct Tape Tote Bag?

Lest you think this idea is original to me the following are links where you can see all kinds of amazing things created from Duct Tape .  (Which comes in more than 20 colors, BTW!)

Here are pictures of a Bride and Groom whose wedding outfits were made from Duct Tape!

Here is a sight with pictures of kids who went to prom in Duct Tape outfits!  There is ever scholarship money from the Duct Tape company for kids who do that!  LOL

(You really have to look at these.  They are amazing.  Now that I have tried out  working with Duct Tape these are even more impressive,  I have no idea how they made these outfits!  My 6 year old has now decided she wants her wedding dress to be made out of Duct Tape!  LOL  So now we have the location – Chuck E. Cheese and the Dress – duct tape!  (Oh, and the groom!)

Oh, there is also a Stuck in Traffic competition sponsored by the Duct Tape people! (The prom competition is called Stuck at the Prom!  LOL)

Here is a site with a bunch of instructions for Duct Tape Crafts! 
Card Purse w/clear Duct Tape (I was thinking this would be fun to do with pictures.)

Duct Tape Woven Purse (I would actually carry one of these! Althoug I also carry a Capri Sun purse, you have to keep it all in perspective! LOL)

Duct Tape Trash Can

Wallet (This seems to be the most common craft item made with duct tape.  I can imagine they would last forever!)


Beach Bag

And if all this is not enough there is even a Duct Tape Yahoo Group!

So here is the question…Is there anything educational about making things from duct tape?  I think the answer is YES!  I can tell you many times in my life I have been grateful that I grew up with a crafty Mom.  Not only because I ended up being crafty, but because I learned to understand how things are constructed.  It is much easier to fix things, make things and just understand how things work if you understand how they go together.  Working with duct tape is pretty cheap.  It allows my kids to take charge and make something!  There is no right and wrong in this.  If they mess up a piece of tape they can just throw it away and get another one.  Plus…It’s FUN!!!!

MacGyver would be so proud of us! 

I can almost guarantee you will be hearing more about this later from us!



  1. Anonymous said,

    I just looked at the Stuck in Traffic winners – wow! We had duct tape holding a rear light on for awhile, but those are impressive! I'm surprised that the van Gogh got 2nd, though – that dragon must be pretty impressive! Tricia

  2. Robin @ http://www.martinzoo.homeschooljournal.net said,

    I love this idea! My son is always trying to get me to make him some off the wall Halloween costume. This year he wants to be a British soldier from Colonial days, but he doesn't want the traditional outfit that you see on websites to order. I'll have to see if I can work up enough patience to figure out if we can try this. It would be a great project, wouldn't it?

  3. jenn4him said,

    Never in all my days! I am now seeing a new world in front of my kids and me…duct tape world!

  4. Anonymous said,

    THe duct tape thing is just a little freaky! The prom outfits—speechless. I admire you for your enthusiasm in doing all these great activities with your kids.

  5. kellieann said,

    Thanks for all of those links….very amusing! I really, really hope the wedding couple had Lionel Richie's "Stuck on You" performed in the ceremony (sorry…couldn't help myself!).

  6. Anonymous said,

    Oh, my! I think we're going to have to make that bag. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these wonderful duct tape ideas!!! – Dana, http://www.alexml.blogspot.com

  7. picluvinmom said,


  8. homeschoolingmommaof4 said,

    ROFL! I would have never thought of this. I know my boys would love to try their hand at duct tape crafts.

    Have a blessed week!

  9. Anonymous said,

    Those are so cool!!!Of course now you are going to have to make something out of the duct tape and drink pouches. You are remarkable. It has to be fun, being one of your kids. leena

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