Solar Oven Brownies

August 11, 2007 at 10:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Well we used our solar ovens again and this time we made brownies.  I will admit up front the results were less than stellar!  LOL

We started out at 1:00 in the afternoon.  The outdoor temp. was 93 degrees.  We made 2 very shallow pans of brownie dough and put them in our 2 ovens.  To make things interesting we decided to put on on the black trash bag in the back yard (We had already established this one cooked faster when we made ‘Smores.) and then we put the 2nd one…in the car!  Yep, if any of our neighbors didn’t think we were completely nuts before, they now have proof!  LOL  The kids are always saying the car is "like and oven" so I thought we would test out their theory.  The car presented one challenge that the back yard did not.  We kept losing the sun.  So I had to move the car 3 times to keep the solar oven in the sunlight.  It of course did cook faster.  We reached a max temp. of 160 degrees in the solar oven in the car.  The back yard solar oven reached nearly 150 degrees.  I really thought there would be a bigger difference! 

In backyard

In car

So how did the brownies turn out?  Well, they were a little runny!  We ended up taking the car one out and putting it in the back yard at 5:30 when we had to leave for VBS.  (My car smelled gooooood!) Then we got home at 9:00 we brought them both in. 

It was obvious which one had spent time in the car, it was much firmer.  (It’s the pan my daughter is holding.)

The kids didn’t seem to mind the runnyness.  They would have been happy to eat the batter raw!  LOL

She approves…

He approves…

No complaints here…

Although they did make sure to point out to me that they could have eaten the raw dough 8 hours earlier!  LOL  See now I have shared 2 of my failure stories with you! 

The best thing about this project was that one of the times we were heading out to the car to "check the brownies" my 12 year old told me "You know Mom, I can’t even imagine having a Mom who is more fun than you!"  What more could any Mom ask for?



  1. writmm said,

    You are a fun mom! What a cool(or should I say hot) experiment! Thanks for sharing!

  2. drewsfamilytx said,

    Forget the gooey brownies, you get that boy a BIG prize!!! Them's sweet words, yessireee.

  3. redmom said,

    Is that the ultimate comment or what??!!

    Btw, I definitely plan to do some of your duct tape projects. Those seem SO fun!

  4. MommylovesRJ said,

    When we made our pizza box solar oven last year, we tried smores, with little luck. What worked wonderfully though, was instant rice! Wee one enjoyed it thoroughly, as did my nephew! I cannot recall how to insert a link in a reply, so here's the url. Come check it out!

  5. Tammy in SC said,

    Are those Ikea plates I spy…the ones that appear to be missing brownies LOL! Love, love, love Ikea….

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