August 14, 2007 at 9:01 pm (Uncategorized)

I am posting this so if I disappear from the blogsphere you will all know what happened to me…More than likely I will have fallen into a trap!

My husband bought our 3 year old one of those rubber balls hooked to a piece of elastic when we went to San Diego last time.  The kid is in LOVE with that toy!  He carries it everywhere and comes up with dozens of things to do with it.  The latest is setting traps!  Today I was in my bedroom, when I tried to come out I about killed myself!  He had tied one end of the elastic to the bottom of the stair railing and the other to the door stop on my door.  The door opened about 8 inches and then flung out of my hand and slammed shut in my face!  LOL

The trap layer proudly stands beside his trap!
Life is never dull with this kid around!


  1. bethanyrae said,

    Oh my goodness…….sounds lethal.
    When my youngest was a little younger, he used to play with all these jump-ropes we had around the house. (My husband used them in his basketball coaching.) He would tie just about everything up. It made it a little hard to get around at times. The end of it came when he had strung some around through the railings up and down the stairway. His teenage brother came bounding up in the dark and….well. Let's just say we're lucky we still have them both.
    Please be careful……

  2. writmm said,

    Too funny! My son bought a motion detector and turns it on periodically…it beeps when I enter his room!

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