August 16, 2007 at 12:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I got this list of helpful ideas for getting ready to send your kids back to school emailed to me.  (Why?  I have no idea!  LOL)  I thought I would let you all know how to translate this list for homeschooling…

Top Ten Helpful Hints

For  "Back to School"


1.  Register your child in advance. School offices are open in August.

HS Version – If you have not yet bought your curriculum you might want to stop by the Library and get some books your kids are interested in for the 1st day of school. A field trip or party is also an excellent first day activity.

2.   Update your child’s shot record and if starting Kindergarten, remember the children must have a new physical.

HS Version – Buy an extra box of band-aids.  If you have more than one boy buy at least 2 boxes.

3.   Label ALL belongings (remember you are not the only one that purchased a Spiderman lunch box)

HS Version – Let you littles write their names on any school supply you have purchased.  It’s good handwriting practice.

4.   Make sure your child knows their home phone number.

HS Version – Make sure your kids can all yell MOM loud enough for you to hear from anywhere in the house.

5.   Start the bedtime routine a week early.

HS  Version – In order to maintain Mom’s sanity bedtime remains the same all year long.  Make no changes…

6.   Find out your child’s new teacher’s name and talk about that new person in their life so they feel at home when they meet.

HS Version – Try to remember your name is Mom…(Answer when they call you!)

7.   Get a hair cut, summer casual is over.

HS Version – For homeschoolers Summer casual never ends!  Hair really does not have a huge effect on learning…(Although you may want to keep some clips handy if they say they cannot see their math books for the hair in their eyes.)

8.   If your child is on a track system, be sure to review that schedule with anyone who might be affected. (Grandparents, neighbors, childcare providers, etc.)

HS Version – Start training your children now to say "We are off track" to store clerks and strangers when they ask "Why are you not is school today?"  (Your not lying, you are "off track"  your suppose to be home teaching not at the store buying stuff to make lunch!  LOL)

9.  Check clothes and shoes to make sure everything fits; it is surprising how quickly children grow during the summer.

HS Version – Try to do at least one load of laundry the night before school starts so everyone can be dressed on the 1st day of school.  Pictures look better if the children have clothing on!  And as for shoes…Can children really learn while wearing shoes?  I think NOT!  Make sure your children are always barefoot for them to reach their optimal learning potential.

10.  Pack a big bag for your self, filled with a camera, chocolate, and KLEENEX!

HS Version – I can’t really improve on this one!  Take lots of  pictures, eat lots of chocolate and your going to need those Kleenex to wipe your own little angels noses!

Happy Back-to-Homeschooling!




  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the big grins to start my day! 🙂

  2. Diane said,

    Love it!

  3. SeekingJESUSnTeachingKIDS said,

    That's cute:)

  4. Anonymous said,

    This was really great! Since I have two in ps and 1 hs both lists worked for me!


  5. Prncsstefy said,


  6. hansmom said,

    What is a track system?

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