Desks, Relaxing & George Washington

August 17, 2007 at 10:21 am (Uncategorized)

I don’t know why I was thinking about this today….

Long ago when my oldest child was two I was talking to a lady at the Library.  I said something along the lines of  "We plan to homeschool." and she started telling me that it was very important that I understood that children must sit at a desk to learn.  "It is a very physicological thing"  she told me.  I thought it was a little odd at the time, but she was so emphatic about it I still remember the conversation 11 years later. (Now I know my kids can learn on the stairs, in the backyard, in the car, anywhere!)

Witrh all this said I think one of the hardest thing about homeschooling is breaking out of the conventional way of thinking and just letting learning happen.  When we started out I want to do everything "right" and quite honestly only model of education I knew was what I was raised with, Public School.  Although I was never a fan of school it was what I knew and therefore the first few years of school for my oldest son looked a lot like public school.  He had workbooks, he sat at a desk, I put little gold stars on his papers, some days we even said the flag salute!  Well a lot has changed for us over the years!  To say I have relaxed is an understatement! 

Last week when my nephew was visiting he asked me we would be starting school…..The God’s honest truth is I had not even thought about when we would be getting back to school at that point!  It kind of took me by surprise.  "School, uh yeah we will get to that soon.  I’m not sure when we’ll start…"  Why am I so relaxed now?  Because I know my kids are learning whether I tell them we are doing school or not!  They are reading, asking questions, doing projects, etc.  Today my 3 year old watched a little video about George Washington.  Then asked me if he could color a picture of "dat president"  I mean he’s 3 and he already enjoys learning!  What more could a homeschool Mom really want for her child?  Let’s face it no matter how much we teach them we will never be able to teach them everything they will ever need to know in life.  So the more important goal for me is to teach them to love learning!  If they love learning and are curious about the world around them there is really nothing that can stand in their way in the future!


I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education
which I received from my mother.

–George Washington 1732-1799



  1. briarwren said,

    They really do learn everywhere. I have been watching my little ones and even on days we don't reall do "school" they still learn a ton. I'm glad I'm this relaxed about it and not rabid what, when and where they learn. My oldest is going on a big road trip with his grandmother and great grandmother; he'll be gone for three weeks and they're looping up through Saskatchewan and down back through several states before coming home. I am relaxed enough that I just sent along several really neat books for him to look at, including a kids atlas of the US, a small laminated map of Canada & the USA (one of those really cool placemats) with names in French & English so he can mark their route, and a nice journal for him to dictate to my mother about his trip and draw his experiences. I think if I was first starting this, I still would have been uptight enough that I would have sent a big lesson plan + all materials but I'm glad that I'm advanced enough that I'm leaving it mostly all up to my mother what kinds of fun things she does with him and how she works with him. I'll just be happy if he can show me on a map where he went, tell me a little about his adventure and have (finally) memorized our phone number. I love homeschool. No other school allows you to just pick up and go on a huge road trip with no lesson plans and not worry about missing school. Learning is all around. Not only will he be visiting several different states but several different environments as well as a different country and culture. I only wish we can travel like this more often.

  2. Angelheart said,

    I awared you the nice award on my blog page. You can check it out here.


  3. naturalbirth said,

    Thanks for sharing – and what beautiful artwork!! 🙂


  4. Christina said,

    We just found an old desk at a thrift store for our soon to be three year old. It has the lift up top and swivel seat. It's so sweet to see her sit there and play. I love the freedom in homeschooling that allows for the use of all the senses in learning!

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