It's Potty Time!

August 20, 2007 at 11:18 am (Uncategorized)

This weekend I decided my 3 year old was ready for some serious potty training!  First of all you need to know my philosophy of potty training…Don’t mention it until they ask!  LOL   But, last week he did ask!  We were eating dinner at a restaurant and out of the blue he said "Mom, I need to go to the bathroom."  I thought for a minute he was just messing with me since we have never even talked about potty training, but I decided to give it a go!  So he and I headed off to the bathroom.  When we got to the doors he announced "I need to use the Men’s Room."  I explained to him that he had to go with me and I wasn’t allowed to use the Men’s Room.  So we went into the Ladies Room.  Once inside he stood by the sink and told me "I’ll wait here."  Sigh….Okay, buddy I didn’t come in here for ME!  So we headed back out.  As we were leaving the Ladies room my 12 year old was coming out of the Men’s Room.  My 3 year old insisted his big brother take him inside.  So with me standing at the doorway they head in.  My 12 year old comes back out a few seconds later and says "Mom, he locked himself in a stall!"  So I told him to go peek through the crack and see what he was doing.  He came back to the door and said "He’s sitting on the potty!"  Just about now with the Men’s Room door open my 3 year old starts singing a rousing rendition of "Spiderman" at the top of his lungs!  LOL  The few people in the restaurant started laughing.  I turned a few shades of red….A few minutes later he flushed and emerged from the stall.  We have no idea if he "went" or not, but obviously…He’s ready!

So today we headed off to the store to get a potty seat, big boy pants and M&M’S!  We also picked up a couple of potty training videos.  I don’t know what I was thinking but a few months ago I get rid of all our potty training stuff!  (Well actually I know what I was thinking.  It went something like this…..I need to keep this house clean while it’s on the market and anything I get rid of I no longer have to take care of...Sigh)  Anyway, so far so good on the potty training.  He is pouring over the videos and as proud as punch over his new Go Diego Go underpants! So far it has been very easy for me.  My 6 year old has put herself in charge of the potty training.  She asks him about every 30 seconds if he needs to sit on the potty.  He has actually gone twice for her!  LOL  All I have to do is pass out the M& M’s! 


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  1. skdenfeld said,

    You and I share the same philosophy on potty training. I figure why struggle with it. They will let me know-my girls did. Now that I have two boys I would like to hand it over to my husband, but I don't think it would go over too well with his employer. Not exactly what they had in mind when they said 'on the job training' I guess.Cute story!

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