Potty Training Drop Out!

August 23, 2007 at 2:18 pm (Uncategorized)

My 3 year old just announced that he is "done" with the potty!  Yep, less than 5 days and he’s a potty training drop out!  Sigh….  I can teach them to read & write.  I can teach them to do Math I don’t even understand, but if there was a school I could send them to for potty training….They would be there!  (Thank goodness this is the last one I have to train!)

At least we got some cute pics before he announced his retirement! LOL

I guess he’ll learn someday….

The weird thing is he had been doing really well.  Then out of the blue he just announced he was done….Go figure?  He is about the only human on earth who is more stubborn than me, so I guess I will just wait and see if any interest returns.



  1. 4sweetums said,

    My Tom Sawyer was a potty training drop out twice. He wasn't fully day trained until he was 4. What worked you ask? Sorry to tell you it was the next younger child, Little red ridinghood. She potty trained him in 2 days because she said she was a bigger girl than him and that meant she got to drive a car before him. Yes my then just about to turn 3 year old wants to drive a car.

  2. Anonymous said,

    how could he not want to potty in that thing. jeez, buzz lightyear probably doesn't pee in something that cool. What do I know, both my kids were four before they ever deigned poo in the toilet. I would have sent them to the potty school if I could have found one too.

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