The Messiest School Desk

August 24, 2007 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized)

This happens every Summer at our house…

Yep, that’s my school desk and BOY is it messy!  LOL  Here is a common conversation in our house all Summer.

KIDS –  "Mom, where does this go?"

ME- "Just put it on my school desk honey!" 

Repeat this conversation 200 to 300 times and the next thing I know my desk runneth over!  LOL 

I still have not sat down and made any plans on what we are doing for school this year…I have a lot of plans in my head, but in order to get them on paper "the desk" has to be cleaned first! So "soon" I must attack the box of stuff for the thrift shop, the shredding, the stack of art supplies, the bargains from the used curriculum sale, the books, books and more books…I am quite sure there is a mystery or two in there also!  LOL 

Oh, and once I get the desk cleaned I will have to turn around and take a picture of the rest of the school room….It is pretty frightening creatively cluttered too!  LOL



  1. msack said,

    I know that you will have it clean in no time! can't wait to see the school room ;0 them maybe I won't feel so badabout mine. It was CLEAN for the first week of school. No we are on day 17 and it's a wreck again

  2. chelelew said,

    Could I possibly my "whole house" as my school desk? LOL I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that has a messy desk and doesn't have those lesson plans already done and it's almost the end of August.

    As for your potty training drop-out — loved it. And he definitely has quite the "throne" too!!

    ~~Chele~~ @ chelelew

  3. kellieann said,

    Hi…it's me….better put your drink down.

    Thanks for posting your desk. That was brave, and it made me feel good.

    About you potty-training, I leave you with the sage words of a former pediatrician: "Don't worry. I've never seen a healthy 16 year-old still wearing diapers."

  4. proverbsmomof3 said,

    Your desk looks normal to me. LOL I believe that it shows that creative minds are at work, or at least they are trying to work. : )
    Don't feel frustrated about the potty issue. My younger two also retired from training for a while, but eventually they got sick of wet pants and stinky bottoms and decided to opt for the potty. It will come in time. Have faith.
    Thanks fro sharing your pics.

  5. Beth said,

    Ha! Your photo of the school desk after a summer of piling this and that could have been taken at my house! That is EXACTLY what my desk looked like until a few days ago and for the same exact reason! So then, I am not alone!


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