Math At Last!

September 13, 2007 at 10:39 am (Uncategorized)

We did it!  We got started on our Math today!  My oldest son reviewed the 1st 10 lessons he did last year and will review the rest of last year tomorrow.  he did this by re-watching the Math-U-See video with Mom. (Who also needed to review!)  My 6 year old began Math-U-See!  She is doing Foundations of Mathematics, which is the old or Classic system they sold back when my oldest son was in 1st grade.  We already owned the videos and teachers manual so it is cheaper to do those until she gets to the level my older son switched over to the new ones.  It is weird to watch the teacher being 10 years older on my sons new videos and then he morphs back to "Young Steve" on the Classics my daughter is using!  LOL

Here are the kids proudly posing with their math Curriculum for the year!

My 3 year old has some Math Trays I bought at a used curriculum sale a zillion years ago.  The blocks are the same as MUS, so it is a fun intro for a preschooler!
I don’t know anything about the company that made this tray,  but I did find a website for them.  It is called Mortensen Math. I couldn’t find the trays exactly like this, but HERE is the website if anyone wants to look further.

He is REALLY good at these!  For the other 2 kids I had to lay out the right blocks and they would place them.  Not for this boy!  He just went to town and found all the right blocks himself!  I guess third children have to be more self motivated to survive!  LOL  I think he may have also been blessed with his Father’s spacial recognition abilities! 

Happy Face!

Big brother wanted to make sure he was there to view the first math lesson with his sister.  He remembers well watching this video for the 1st time himself!  He was so excited to be seeing "Young Steve" again!  LOL

Building her first Math problem with the MUS blocks.  Her older brother is overseeing the process!

After the video lesson big brother wanted to help his little sister build a few more Math problems! (Just to make sure she "got" it!)
I am behind the camera SMILING ear to ear!  Math Phobic Mom’s kids LOVE Math!  HOOORAY!!!!

Doing her very first page of Math-U-See as Bow looks on!

As we wrapped up the school day my oldest son pointed out "This was a pretty good school day Mom!  I mean nothing
exploded or anything!"  LOL  It is never dull around here!

BTW, if you have never used Math-U-See and want more info you can order a free Demo DVD HERE.  Anyone that knows me knows I am completely Math Phobic!  I HATED math in school and only did General Math in High School which was the minimum Math I had to do to graduate.  The only thing I was worried about when I started homeschooling is how a Math Midget like me would teach her kids math!  (Although my husband is a Math Genius so I figured at some point he would take over.)  Well, here I am with a son doing Pre-Algebra! (Way past the Math I learned in school!)  He is doing excellent and I have taught him all the way!  HOORAY FOR ME!  It is almost impossible for me to believe that not only am I learning these things well enough to teach it, but I really LIKE IT!  (And I figure by the time I finish teaching #3 I may actually be good at Math!  LOL) Math-U-See really does make math very understandable and dare I say FUN???? (I am sure my 5th grade Math teacher just rolled over in her grave!  But, that is a story for another day! LOL)

Viva La Math-U-See!



  1. Anonymous said,

    I love MathUSee, too! I've always actually been very good with math, but have a hard time explaining it to others, and Steve does such a good job for me LOL! I especially love the whole decimal street concept … it makes it fun and easy to explain the whole place value thing. Yes, I love MUS!


  2. Diane said,

    This is very encouraging as I am also math phobic. We are doing Horizons and in my opinion, it's just too advanced. My Son is doing fine, I'm the one who is terrified of burning him out. I'm checking into Math U See next year, unless this year gets too intense then, i'll switch earlier.

  3. Pam said,

    Just want you to know that I LOVE your blog. It comes in my email everyday and always makes me smile or think. I want to be you when I grow up. 😉 My kids are 27 months and 6 months right now and some days I am not sure I am going to make it, but I love reading about the relationship you have with your kids (Please tell me you do lose it sometimes, though.) We plan on homeschooling, and you are an inspiration to me. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

  4. drewsfamilytx said,

    We all love MUS in this house! It is by far the easiest subject we do and the most sane subject by far. I have yet to teach a single lesson or even look at the teacher's manual– the DVD is <i>that</i> thorough! And if they don't quite "get it", we just replay the lesson– perfecto!!!

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