The Nut House

September 17, 2007 at 12:28 pm (Uncategorized)

My Mom sent me an email asking if the kids had said anything funny lately.  She said she had already passed all the stories she currently had heard on to her friends.  I had no more than read the email that we had this conversation in the car on the way home from Awana…

It all started when I said something silly.  (Imagine that!) and my 13 year old spouts off…

13 YO – "Mom, you better be careful or the men in white coats are going to show up for you!"

6 YO – (From behind me in her car seat.)  "Who are these men in white coats and why would they want MOM?"

13 yo – "To put her in a padded room."

6 yo – "Are they going to drop her in the room?  Why is it padded?"

Me – slapping 13 year old on the leg "See what you started?" 

13 yo – LAUGHING!

Me – "The men in white coats are doctors honey.  Sometimes people have problems with their mind and the doctors help them."

13 YO – "Yeah, by putting them in straight jackets!"

Me – Slapping 13 year old on leg again!

6 YO – "Are straight jackets white?" (Obviously she had heard something about straight jackets and padded rooms before from her BIG brother!)

Me – "I think so."

6 YO – "Then once they put the straight jacket on you Mom would you be a doctor?" 

ME – Glaring at 13 year old!

13 YO – Writhing in pain from the laughter he is half heartedly trying to suppress!

ME – "No honey, the straight jacket would not make you a doctor.  It would keep someone who was not thinking right from hurting themselves."

13 YO – In front seat pretending to be in a straight jacket.

6 YO – "Why are you hugging yourself?"

ME – Smacking 13 year old’s leg again! 

6 YO – "Mom when you write about this on your blog make sure it sounds funny and not mean.  I don’t want anyone making fun of me!"  LOL

How is that for new material for you Grandma?




  1. kimw said,

    Hi Jamin! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, but we have been super busy. I got the shirts from I actually got them when they were at our homeschool conference, but they have them on their site.

  2. picluvinmom said,

    Ha Ha Grandma will love that..I sure did..

  3. 4sweetums said,

    THat is a great story. My mother loves to have stories to pass on too.

  4. kimw said,

    of our Chocolate Lapbook. Come over and check it out.

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