Dino Crafts

September 19, 2007 at 11:07 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we made these cute little dinosaurs out of TP tubes and printouts we found HERE.

Here they are coloring their projects first.

There is something about seeing my kids little heads bent over their school work that brings me great joy!

Seeing them enjoy what they are learning does a homeschool Mom’s heart good!

Now for some cutting…

After assembly.

These didn’t take long to make, but the kids played with them all day long!

The proud creators!

Then we made Fossils from a recipe I found HERE.  The dough is a mixture of coffee grounds, coffee, salt and flour.  I got my coffee grounds by asking at Starbucks. (They wrapped them up in a pretty little bag and even put stickers on it.  You would have thought I bought something really expensive!  LOL)   I used water instead of coffee because I didn’t have any.  It seemed to work fine.  To make 4 of these I doubled the recipe on the website.




We used shells from the beach and a collection of clippings from our yard to press into our dough.

This is fun!

This one is Mom’s! 

Here is mine after baking.

Group shot!

Here are all of them after baking

If anyone is wondering what we will do with these… in a few days they will go in the trash!  Pictures are for saving in my opinion!  I can’t keep every single thing they make for school or we would not be able to walk through our house!  LOL  So they will sit on the kitchen counter for a few days and then I will toss them when no one is looking.

Tomorrow we will hopefully finish up the Dinosaur Lapbook we have been working on.  We may make a volcano out of dirt, baking soda and vinegar too.  (It all depends on how hot it is outside!)



  1. Anonymous said,

    As always you are doing a great job, love your craftiness. For the little ones, you might also want to get a few of the Land Before Time videos. When mine were little they loved these, and learned a lot from them.You can usually rent them cheap, of need be from a video rental; like a $1. Hope this helps. I look forward to all your things. Leena

  2. picluvinmom said,

    cool ..That is something we may do in the near future

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