Dr. Ruth Beechick

September 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Some of you may have noticed that the past few weeks I have been contributing an article to The Homeschool Minute.  It is not a full time gig, I just fill in writing about Homeschool Freebies when the regular Author can’t write it for some reason.  Nancy Carter had contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to do it and of course I was honored!  So this morning I am reading the latest copy of the newsletter and suddenly it hits me…I have an article in the same newsletter as RUTH BEECHICK!  How did that happen? 

If you are a Sonlight user you know who Ruth Beechick is.  On her website is says this:

Dr. Ruth Beechick is a skilled teacher and curriculum developer who happens to think that home is the best place to learn and that parents don’t give themselves enough credit for being the best teachers!  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

When I started homeschooling back in the dark ages there was no internet for support.  Half the great stuff written today was not in existence!  But, with God’s help I found found Sonlight and through Sonlight I received my 1st Ruth Beechick book!  For years I carried her books around with me like a shield!  Here was a lady who is also a Doctor and she was saying I am capable of educating my own children!  Hooray!!!  There are no words to say what her wisdom and encouragement meant to me! 

So, if you are not familiar with Dr. Beechick I would encourage you to visit her website!  There is a lot ofgreat stuff there! 
She is such a wonderful encourager and educator.  There is lots of encouragement and tools to help you along your homeschooling path on her wesite.  (Plus you can buy her books there, which I highly recommend!)

And just in case Dr. Beechick would ever read this I just want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for being there when I was a newbie, half scared to death I was in the process of ruining my 1st child!  LOL  Thanks for speaking up for Home Education when most of the population had never heard of such a crazy thing!  Thank you…from the bottom of my homeschooling Mommy heart!


(Oh, and BTW if you don’t get The Homeschool Minute Newsletter you should!  You can subscribe by clicking HERE. )


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