Middle Ages Feast!

September 27, 2007 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we had a Middle Ages Feast with some of our homeschool friends!

1st we read from The Magic Tree House Research Guide for book 2 on the feast. 
We learned that food was served on a piece of bread called a trencher.  The trencher wasn’t eaten but given to the beggars outside the door once they were saturated with food. (yuck!) We also learned that they were really messy!  They ate with their hands (no silverware), used their dogs and the table cloth for napkins and even spit and threw food on the floor!  (yuck!)  I drew the line at throwing food & spitting on the floor!  But, we had a lot of fun eating with our hands and using the table cloth for napkins!  LOL

Here is our bounty of food!
Grilled chicken, bread, cheeses, apples, pears, and honeycomb!  (The honeycomb was great!  I had never had it before!)  We also had roasted potatoes and grapes.

Our little princess enjoying eating with her hands!

My oldest dressed in his Link costume from last years Halloween.

The whole gang resting after the feast!

Check out these awesome helmets my friend made with her kids!
These are made from poster board and foil.

My daughter just had to try on the Knights Helmet!

Of course their were also pirates in the Middle Ages!
I am doubtful they were as cute as this one though!  LOL (He is all in to Pirates right now because he is waiting for The Pirates That Don’t Do Anything Veggie Tale Movie!

I asked my kids if they learned anything from our fun day and my 13 year old quickly piped in "Yeah, I never thought about using the dog for a napkin before!"  LOL 



  1. writmm said,

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. 4sweetums said,

    As always your house looks like so much fun. I love the helmets. My ds 5 was sitting on my lap and is now looking for foil. Hmmm! I wonder what is in my future. LOL!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Funny, because I had the same thought – "use a dog for a napkin, how would that work???" :^)

  4. Prncsstefy said,

    How fun!!!! You are so clever!!!

  5. quiverof3arrows said,

    using the dog for a napkin,lol, I love it. too cute. keep up the great work on your blog, thanks so much for your creative ideas. :c)

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