The Sad End of Middle Ages Week

September 28, 2007 at 11:10 am (Uncategorized)

Sigh….My daughter and I put about 8 hours of work into her really elaborate Middle Ages lapbook this week.  It was looking great….Then the doorbell & phone rang at the same time….I got distracted & left the table followed by my daughter.  We returned to find that her 3 year old brother had "helped" finish the lapbook.  He had done this by coloring on every single one of the 20 booklets!  Sigh…I have tried to console both of us by pointing out that we had a lot of fun doing them and we still get to retain the knowledge we learned from the process.  Meanwhile we have no beautiful lapbook to show off our efforts!  I don’t think either of us are up to starting over at this point!

This is what we had done….

Middle Ages Lapbook Based on
The Magic Tree House Knights & Castles Research Guide

1.    When Where the Middle Ages? (page 14)
2.    Why are the Middle Ages Sometimes Called Medieval Times? (page 14)
3.    Lord & Ladies (pages 18-19)
4.    Castles (pages 32-38)
5.    How To Become A Master Craftsman (pages 28-29)
6.    Castle Life (Chapter 4)
7.    The Feast (pages 48-54)
8.    Festivals and Fairs (Chapter 5)
9.    Religion (pages 56-57)
10.    Market Days & Trade Fairs (page 58-61)
11.    Knights (page 63)
12.    Becoming A Knight (page 64-68)
13.    The Code of Chivalry (page 68-69)
14.    Armour (page 80-81)
15.    Coat of Arms (pg 82-83)
16.    Weapons (Chapter 8)
17.    Tournament (page 90-91)
18.    Battles & Sieges (page92-99)
19.    The Dungeon (page 100-101)
20.    The End of the Age (page 103)

Part of what makes me so sad about this is this is a the first lapbook we have done after I realized I could use the graphics in one of my digital scrapbooking programs to make the booklets.  They looked really good! (And I had put a lot of time into designing the booklets.)

I can post pictures of her Coat of Arms she made.  (He somehow only colored on the inside this one!)

I had asked her to draw things on the Coat of Arms that she felt represented who she is.  Inside she had to tell me why these things represented her.  This is what she had me write:

1. Cross – I am a Christian
2. Flowers – I am a girl, I am pretty, I like pretty things.
3. Heart – I love my family and I am loved by my family.  God loves me too!

Maybe we will get some energy and decide to try and salvage this another time.  Who knows?  For now I have one cute little 3 year old boy I am tempted to sell!  LOL  It is all just part of education at home! 

I don’t think we have had a school day with this much drama (caused by a younger sibling!) since the "The dog ate my homework." episode.  LOL



  1. pottershand said,

    I know your daughter had to be heart broken, my girls would have been. Their baby sister does things like that to them too.
    On a happy note, though, I am giving you the You Make Me Smile Award. You are such an encouragement to me. I have learned a lot from all of your ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Leigharev2 said,

    OH, I am so sorry to hear this. Maybe she will be up for recreating it later.

  3. 4sweetums said,

    Come on over to my blog to get your award.

  4. Jimmie said,

    What a terrible thing to happen. Crayon restriction for that little one. (My daughter had many bouts of sticker restriction when she didn't put them in acceptable places.)
    So sorry for your sweet daughter.

  5. westward said,

    Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll trade you a three year old for a 9 month old! LOL 🙂

  6. eclecticeducation said,

    I'm so sorry to hear this! Wow, that is really disappointing!

  7. Christinethecurious said,

    Dear Jamin,

    How disheartening for you and your little girl! It reminds me of the time I knit my then boyfriend now husband a sweater only to get 6 inches up and realize it was twice as wide as he was (I was knitting in the round). I had to unravel the whole thing. Ugg. I couldn't face it for a week, but Christmas was coming.

    Thanks for the tip about the control pannel for the space ship box. My 4 year old saw your space ship over my shoulder and asked me to make one for him since our cousins just moved and gave him boxes. I'm out of hot glue stiches, so i used tacky glue. Its temporarily tied up with string and clothes pins while it dries, but he's already playing with it. I'll post a photo on my blog in a while

    Thanks again,

  8. Prncsstefy said,

    Awww, poor thing. But that's life, isn't it?

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