MIddle Ages Lapbook – Revisited

October 5, 2007 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

After recovering from the sadness of my 3 year old coloring all over our 1st attempt at a Middle Ages lapbook we have made another!  Here are the results!


In this folder we have:

Code of Chivalry – To be fair to all people.  To protect the weak. To be generous. To honor and respect women.

When Were the Middle Ages – The Middle ages began about 450 A.D. They lasted for over 1000 years. This period is called the Middle Ages because it was between ancient and modern times.

Why are the Middle Ages Sometimes Called Medieval Times? – Because Medieval is Latin for Middle.

Becoming a Knight – 1. At 7 years old a boy would go to live in another Castle and become a page.  2.  At 14 years old he would become a Squire.  The Squire took care of all the horses. 3. At 21 years old He could become a Knight.  A Dubbing ceremony would be performed by the Knights Father, another Knight or the King.

The Feast – They ate peacocks!  They ate ducks with gold painted bills!  They ate on pieces of bread called trenchers. They ate with their hands and would wipe their hands on the dogs!

Market Days & Trade Fairs – Market Days happened once a week.  people bought clothes, food and other goods.  Trade Fairs happened once or twice a year.  Merchants came from around the world and sold all different items.  The trade fair had lots of entertainment too!

Lords & Ladies – to become a Lord or Lady you had to be born rich or born into a noble family.  A person not born into a noble family could never become noble.

Folder #2
In this folder we have:

Battles & Sieges – Knights went to war for many reasons.  Some of them were to get more land, to protect the Lord’s land, religious wars and to protect the castle. A siege happened when someone come and attacked the castle.

The Dungeon – A prison in the basement of the castle.

Weapons – A Knights most important weapon was his sword. Lances were very long and they used them when they were charging on horses.  Other weapons were called Flail, mace, Battle-Ax & War Hammer.  A shield was carried to protect the Knight from others weapons!

Armour – 1. Chain mail was the 1st Armour.  It was made from small rings. 2. Later they started covering the chain mail with sheets of steel. 3. Horses also wore armour! 4. A Knight’s helmet weighed as much as a 5 year old!  (Around 40 pounds!)

Coat of Arms – This is the only thing we salvaged from the 1st attempt!  You can find out what she wrote in this one HERE

Folder #3
In this folder we have:

Religion – Religion was an important part of daily life.  Most castles had a chapel and a priest. The Lord and Lady would go to chapel every morning. (We also discussed a lot more about religion during the Middle Ages, but we kept our booklet simple.)

How to Become A Master Craftsman – 1. Become an Apprentice 0 Run errands, learn skills, work without pay. 2. After about 7 years you could become a Journeyman.  Practice your skills and get low pay.3. Make a Masterpiece and show it to a guild of other Master Craftsmen. 4.  Once your work passed the guilds inspection you became a Master Craftsmen.

Festivals & Fairs – These happened to celebrate religious Holidays.  Feasts were given.  The townspeople would act out stories from the Bible in plays on the streets.

Knights – Knights were the soldiers of the Middle Ages.

Castle Life – It could take over 1000 people and 20 years to build a castle.  The Lords and Ladies usually married at around 14 years old.  At 7 years old children were sent to live in another castle to be trained for the future. For fun they played chess, sang songs and played musical instruments.  they also kept Falcons for hunting!

End of the Age – People didn’t want to live in castles anymore.  They were dark, cold, dirty and built for safety.  Cannons and guns were invented and made the Knights armor useless.  Even the walls of the castle could not stand up to cannon fire!  Kings bean to train armies for protections. People can still be Knighted today!  Now it is an honor a King can bestow.

This is a printout of a Knight  found online.  We used a drawing in the book to label all the parts of his armor.

All of the booklets for this lapbook were created in DogByte Creative Photo Albums Deluxe.  This lapbook was really easy to do because we got all the answers from The Magic Tree House Research Guide-Knights & Castles.  Basically what I did was went through the book and made a list of all the booklets I would like to make and were the answers were found in the book.  Then as I read her each part of the book she would color that booklet.  then I would have her "tell back" what she wanted in the booklets and I would write in them for her.  (Shes only 6 so she can’t write that well yet.) I don’t think she would have sat through me just reading this book aloud to her.  But since we were just reading a few pages and then stopping to discuss it and write things in the booklet she loved it!

Here is the list I used to know where the answers were:

# 1.     When Where the Middle Ages? (page 14)
# 2.     Why are the Middle Ages Sometimes Called Medieval Times? (page 14)
# 3.     Lord & Ladies (pages 18-19)
# 4.     How To Become A Master Craftsman (pages 28-29)
# 5.     Castles & Castle Life (pages 32-38 & Chapter 4)
# 6.     The Feast (pages 48-54)
# 7.     Festivals and Fairs (Chapter 5)
# 8.     Religion (pages 56-57)
# 9.     Market Days & Trade Fairs (page 58-61)
# 10.   Knights (page 63)
# 11.   Becoming A Knight (page 64-68)
# 12.   The Code of Chivalry (page 68-69)
# 13.   Armor (page 80-81)
# 14.   Coat of Arms (pg 82-83) Have kids design their
own coat of arms on the front.  Then they can write
inside how those things represent them.
# 15.   Weapons (Chapter 8)
# 16.   Tournament (page 90-91)
# 17.   Battles & Sieges (page92-99)
# 18.   The Dungeon (page 100-101)
# 19.   The End of the Age (page 103)

Here are some things we also printed and used in our lapbook:

Pics of actual castles to color. (I printed these at about 30% so we could fit them in the lapbook)

Knight Coloring Sheet to Label

We learned a lot doing this lapbook!  Not the least of which was NOT to leave crayons out where the 3 year old can get them and use them for evil!!!  LOL



  1. kellieann said,

    So glad you re-made the book! I cried and cried about not seeing the pictures of the first one.

  2. CommunicationFUNdamentals said,

    This looks like fun!

    Hey…come on over to my blog today for some fun! Embrace Your Inner Weirdness!


  3. eclecticeducation said,

    She did a great job!!! 🙂 I'm glad she tried it again! 🙂

  4. picluvinmom said,

    ha ha..I have learned the crayon lesson too..Jaeger is not even 2 and loves to color..I learned from just reading you guys did a great job

  5. redmom said,

    Can't wait to do ours.

  6. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for posting the location of the knight we are doing Konos and I have been looking for a knight an couldn't find one! I really like your blog and will be back to check it out as I branch out of the box and we do a state study a al mom to finish off the year! Thanks again!

  7. Anonymous said,

    This looks terrific! Thanks for sharing your ideas 😀

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