New Bison & Hummingbird E-Books

October 6, 2007 at 10:13 am (Uncategorized)

My daughter absolutely LOVES all types of animals.  I like animals, but I do not have the desire to know every single fact and figure about them the way my daughter does!  One thing that has been a great blessing for us is the fantastic information about animals at Melissa Markham’s blog!  Melissa loves animals the way my daughter does!  On top of loving animals she finds the most amazing facts, pictures and news about animals and shares it all with us at her blog.  My daughter and I visit Melissa’s blog frequently!  So imagine my excitement when Melissa started writing books about animals for kids!  Melissa has just introduced her 2 latest E-Books and they are awesome! 

In The Life of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird we follow the life of the hummingbird through it’s migration to it’s Summer home.  We learn about her amazing trip as well as her eating habits, mating rituals & how she has her babies and takes care of them.  My daughter was spellbound as we read!  There are also the most amazing pictures!  As I mentioned before Melissa has a way with finding wonderful facts and pictures of wildlife. This bookis no exception!  There are beautiful close up pictures of hummingbirds on every page!

In American Bison we meet a bison when it is 30 minutes old.  We then follow it through it’s life with more of Melissa’s wonderful descriptions and those awesome photos.  I was thinking this would be a fabulous book to include in an Early America study! 

Both stories are written in an easy narative that makes sharing them with a child lots of fun!  The pictures amazed both my daughter and I!  These are going to have to be printed and put in notebooks for my daughter to love for a long time to come!

So make sure you stop by Melissa’s blog and take a look at these wonderful E-Books.  You won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and Melissa also has another E-Book she wrote awhile back about the Komodo Dragon!

BTW, Melissa currently has 2 contests going over at her blog where you could WIN these great E-Books!  You can check them out here:



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