2007 Messy Games

October 10, 2007 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was our homeschool groups 1st ( and I am sure annual!  LOL) Messy Games!  Our Teens had a great time playing at the park with FOOD!  Think organized food fight!  LOL

Here the kids are prepping the food!  Look how clean and innocent they look!

The boys BEFORE the mayhem began!

The games started out pretty innocent.  They did a relay where they had to move a whole bowl of macaroni (see red and blue stuff in picture before this one.) from one bowl to another across the field.  They had to use their hands, shirts, or a spoon to transport the macaroni! This is my rent-a-kid RUNNING!
They also did another relay race with eggs,  They had to carry the eggs in spoons in their teeth!

Next they did a modified version of a pie eating contest.  The had to race to eat all the gummy worms out of a scoop of non-fat-unflavored-yogurt!  LOL

Another relay race was to run to one end, smear corn syrup on someones face and then the next person had to see how much oatmeal they could stick to your face!  LOL

Half-time…They are just a little messy…

Some of the little homeschoolers tried to demonstrate that food is for eating, not wearing!  LOL
I BTW had very little involvement in the games.  My job was to watch my 2 younger kids and the teen leaders 3 younger kids on the other side of the pavillion.  My 3 year old has enough ideas of how to get in trouble without seeing a food fight!  LOL  (Thanks to Zach for taking all these pictures!)

Okay, the organized part of the mayhem is over.  Now is time for the full on food fight!!!! 

The boys are ready!
Ammunition included: Syrup, yogurt, ketchup, macaroni, oatmeal, nacho cheese sauce, soda, whipped cream, mashed potatoes, pudding…I could go on, but I am gagging!  LOL

The girls prepare their concoction!


I think you have to be a teen to truly appreciate this!

Messy fun!
I wish you could see their smiles!

This is my son with fearless teen leader who was out there right in the middle of all the food being thrown! Now is that a servants heart or what?  (Especially considering her oldest child is FIVE!)

Messy but happy!

It is hard to get an exact impression of how gross these kids were from these pictures.  If only you could have smelled it!  LOL Let’s just say I threw my sons shirt in the trash! (Oh, it was soooooo disgusting!)

Thank goodness the planners of this event had the good sense to have this at a location that had plenty of water to clean off in!

My FAVORTIE moment of the day was after the teens were covered with food my rent-a-kid took out after my 6 year old chasing her and saying "I love you, I want to marry you, hug me!"  Which is EXACTLY what she does to him every time she sees him!  LOL  It was fun to see her running and screaming for a change! :^)

My favorite quote of the day is when I heard one of the big boys say "Now that was good experience to have had!"  Shortly after he had cleaned all the grossness off his body!

BTW, if you ever plan a event like this make sure you find out what the rules are for such a thing from your parks dept.  We were okay as long as we cleaned up anything that was not biodegradable.  We did have one crabby lady tell us she was going to "report" us for making a mess in the park.  It was good to be able to tell her our event was approved.  Also, I can tell you we left that park cleaner than we found it!  The pavillion was swept, the tables were wiped down and not a piece of trash was left. 

It was a great messy day!



  1. mom2two said,

    Glad to see the kids can have fun in the park! I think I would have thrown away the shirt also!

    Yvonne :o)

  2. chelelew said,

    Okay — I am so glad that I wasn't involved in this event. And I'll remember to never ever suggest such an event for our group. You were truly blessed to be able to watch the little ones. Definitely agree with you on the t-shirt into the trash — eeeewwww YUCK-OOOOO. And good for you and the teens leaving the park better than when you arrived. Apparently that sour-apple person probably needed to have some fun and joy and should have participated in the food fight — that would have been funny!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. tn3jcarter said,

    I could have something like this on our farm and then we could just let the chickens clean up all the leftovers! ha!

  4. Prncsstefy said,

    Fun, fun! Our church does something similar every summer.

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